A New Year's message from me.

Posted by Eudaimonia 7 years, 2 months ago to Philosophy
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2014 is an important year.

The Atlas Shrugged Movie project, in which we have invested so much of our time, money, and interest, will be coming to its bittersweet conclusion.

As such, there are some things which I will be keeping in mind throughout this year.
If these things make sense to you as well, all the better.

* Galt's Gulch Online is a vehicle to promote the Atlas Shrugged Movie project through discussion of the movie, Atlas Shrugged, Objectivism, and Ayn Rand, often in context of real and current world events. I will work to help Galt's Gulch Online better achieve its goal through civil debate, humor, and good will to those who extend the same.

* The Atlas Shrugged Movie project will need boots on the ground and creative thinking for promotion of this last installment. I will step up to support them.

* The Galt's Gulch of Atlas Shrugged was a society of people of like mind. We here now are that society. There is no guarantee that this on line society will not wane after ASp3 has had its full run. As such, I will be making an effort this year to upgrade my on line relationship with each Gulcher of like mind to one in real life.

Make your 2014 Happy, Productive, and Liberating.

Damn the Looters, Full steam ahead!

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  • Posted by $ stargeezer 7 years, 2 months ago
    Happy new year friends. A truly trying time does lay ahead of us as we peer through the darkness. It seems that the great final nail is about to be driven into the heart of our nations soul - that law Ayn Rand called 10-289.

    Individuals and businesses are now required to purchase a commercial product (Obamacare) or be fined by the IRS. Those of us who have labored to arrange our finances in such a manner that we do not file income tax forms will now be required to file anyway. Just to assure a burocrate that we have coverage.

    On every side forces seem to be aligned in order to remove our 2nd amendment protections. And while they are doing that openly, they are erasing our freedom to worship God as we choose in order that a couple people won't be insulted by our belief in a God they don't believe in. Thereby erasing our 1st amendment rights.

    We also see the 4th amendment being attacked by the NSA recording every electronic transaction we make. And in order to better break the confidence people have in their government, several billion tax dollars are busy building a complex with more electronic storage than has ever been placed in one small location.

    We could keep marching through the bill of rights, counting the ways each one is being destroyed, erased or supplanted by something that the founding fathers never thought we would stand for.

    Do we have time to wait? Not much in my mind. Perhaps not enough to last until a year from now.
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  • Posted by $ Stormi 7 years, 2 months ago
    Happy and prosperous new year, and thank you for Galt's Gulch Online!
    With the state of the US today, it is a welcome online retreat, a place to recharge and look for hope that reason still exists.
    As the government continues to pry into our lives and limit our freedoms, we need like-thinking people with whom to share ideas. As Obama begins the military backed enforcement of UN Agenda 21 and the loss of private property rights, we need to share ideas on how to retain our property. We need to find a way to preserve the ideas Ayn Rand knew we would one day face losing. Your site provides that place.
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  • Posted by Bill54 7 years, 2 months ago
    Waiting for part three of the Rand tome is trying my patience. I saw part one opening day with a very enthusiastic south Orange County California audience. Part two was gone in two weeks here. I had to wait for the DVD. Part three will be an opening day experience for me again. My DVD's have been passed around among my lefty friends who are still in denial of the truth. Some family members are from Hollywood and upper academia and need part three to "get it". Amazing how so many have not read Rand at all.
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