Posted by Ibecame 9 years ago to The Gulch: Bugs
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I am curious as to why the Gulch Online website isn't HTTPS? To me the privacy benefits are obvious, although I am certainly open to criticism.

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  • Posted by $ WilliamShipley 9 years ago
    Unless you are going to require verifying the identity of someone setting up an account part of the web site, then what's the point of encrypting the transmission of the material -- anyone can read it.

    And, isn't that rather the point?
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  • Posted by 9 years ago
    The reason for my question is that I see a connection for the "Customized" ads on the sidebars and top of my browser on some sites. For instance I am now seeing "Preparer Homes For Sale", and "Internet Ammunition" ads just to name a few. These days I would prefer to stay off of as many lists as possible.
    Good comments all, but extra thanks to "Danno" for a positive solution some of us may want to take advantage of.
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