Feminism and "Equal Pay"

Posted by davidmcnab 5 years, 7 months ago to Politics
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I would consider myself an equal rights advocate, but to me the very word 'feminism' is highly problematic. Its broad spectrum of definition - from equal rights advocacy, through to outright female supremacism - allows many of its users to hide their real agendas under a benign cloak of equality and social justice.

Here's just one of the problems - how to define 'equal pay'.

For example, Andrew, Brenda and Charles all graduate with mechanical engineering degrees and start work with the same firm at age 23. Andrew has been working there for 10 years, and is earning 140k. Brenda started at the same time as Andrew, worked there for 4 years, took 5 years out to raise kids, and started up again 1 year ago. She's now earning 70k, since she has fallen way behind and is needing to catch up. Charles started 4 years ago, has worked continuously, and is earning 80k.

Brenda fell so badly behind during her years away, that she is currently rendering less value than Charles. With effort, though, she will quickly rise up in just a few short years to something much closer to Andrew's' 120k salary.

Question - does she have a case to complain about gender-based discrimination? I personally would say 'no', but there is a mass of opinion (and legal influence) that would say 'yes'.

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  • Posted by Mamaemma 5 years, 7 months ago
    Of course she should not have a legitimate reason to complain about discrimination. Her lower pay has nothing to do with her gender.
    As a woman who entered a profession in which less than 1% were women (it's different now), I speak with authority born of experience. My pay at my first job was lower than the man who I replaced, but I maintain that my employer had the right to offer a salary that he felt I would be worth; I had the right to refuse the job or take it.
    I am firmly against preferential treatment of women in the workforce. I oppose strongly the current movement to make females an oppressed group.
    As a female business owner, I am considered to be in a disadvantaged minority by the federal government. Insane!
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    • Posted by coaldigger 5 years, 7 months ago
      Experts have many rules of determining what employees should be paid but if it is based on anything other than the fair market value of each individual's performance, there is a problem. Steel workers were paid too much now their job is in Korea or India. If McDonald's pays people too much, fast-cheap food will not be possible and their job won't exist. If Intel has a black, Hispanic, handicapped, female that is a gifted circuit designer they better pay the market value or a competitor will. If they have such a person that meets the demographic criteria but without the competence, they are handicapping their business to base her pay on anything but production.

      I believe every "group" has been disadvantaged at one time or another but that coin has been spent and can't be paid to a new generation. Just accept the enlightenment, stop the injustice and move on from there.
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