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Posted by Wonky 7 years, 11 months ago to Entertainment
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Hey, if homophobia and islamaphobia are mainstream and are successfully used to imply that the target has an irrational fear of a particular subject, why not feed the media with a few new words to play with. Mine are pretty bad, but there must be some catchy ones... probably some highly accurate ones that represent true "irrational fears".

Honestly, a word like homophobia has very little (if anything) to do with irrational fear. In reality, "homophobophobia" is probably a much more realistic word that might even be said to have real meaning. If homophobia was a real word describing a real state of mind (as opposed to an ingenious political invention), and there were as many homophobes out there as we've been led to believe, gay people would be running the country and boatloads of heterosexuals would be cowering in fear or hiding in their homes. "Homophobophobia" might be said to be the impetus behind calling someone a homophobe. After all, if you call someone a homophobe, you are fighting for the cause, but if you fail to do so or fail to agree that the label is appropriate, some very nice people might decide they don't like you all that much.

I would think that a real irrational fear, like say, "arachnophobia", isn't eligible for a -phobophobia suffix because, really, who is afraid of people who are afraid of spiders (other than me).

Any thoughts on some good -phobia words to toss around for kicks?

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  • Posted by $ minniepuck 7 years, 11 months ago
    Chrometophobia is the fear of money. I bet some of those folks think money is the root of all evil. There may be some of those lurking around here. Francisco D'Anconia should have a chat with them.
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