Planned Chaos Ludwig Von Mises

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Planed Chaos Ludwig Von Mises
The Foundation for Economic Freedom 1947
90 pages SBN 910614-00-8

Among those who recognized the nature and evil of Socialism and the insidious plan to implement its beliefs on governance, Von Mises must rank in the top group along with Ayn Rand.

This epilogue, which stands on its own, to his work Socialism focuses on what Von Mises called Interventionism, in modern terms creeping Socialism. The Socialists had contended that the socialization of society, that is, the seizure of property and income and their redistribution could be achieved without violence.

From the forward written by Leonard E. Read, "...But a closer view reveals that the erosion of liberty throughout the world resulted in the two bloodiest wars of all history. And without violence at home? The destruction of liberty as elsewhere has been accomplished both by private violence [union goons, community organizers?] and by the near irresistible force of the modern state.
This "easy, bloodless, and non-violent" transition to socialism is the subject of Planned Chaos..."

Von MIses quickly points out the disconnect from reality suffered by Socialism's advocates.

"They say that they are driven by considerations of social justice and favor a fairer distribution of income precisely because they are intent upon preserving capitalism and its political corollary or superstructure, viz. democratic government.

What these people fail to realize is that the various measures they suggest are not capable of bringing about the beneficial results aimed at. On the contrary they produce a state of affairs which from the point of the advocates is worse that the previous state." and "If the government, faced with this failure of its first intervention, is not prepared to undo its interference with the market and to return to a free market economy, it must add to its first measure more and more regulations and restrictions. Proceeding step by step on this way it finally reaches a point in which all economic freedom of individuals has disappeared..."

It seems I've just seen a movie and read a book that points out the same evils. I can heartily recommend reading these 90 pages for anyone interested in comparing the accuracy of Von Mises' description of Socialism to its actual implementation in today's world.

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