Atlas Distribution is Hiring... and We Want You

Posted by awebb 4 years, 5 months ago to The Gulch: General
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Atlas Distribution Company is growing and we're looking for like-minded individuals to help us take things to the next level. If you're "one of us" and up for the challenge, we want to hear from you!

We’re currently looking to fill the position of Meeting Scheduler and Organizer.

- Must be GREAT on the phone (only superstars need apply)
- Must pay tremendous attention to detail
- Must have excellent written English
- Must be able to follow instructions
- Familiarity with film business a plus

Work directly for Atlas Distribution President, Atlas Shrugged Producer, Harmon Kaslow. Working remotely is OK.

You’ll be handling calls to Hollywood film distributors and production companies to set up and schedule meetings for ADC President Harmon Kaslow.


- Write a single paragraph of no more than 3 sentences telling us why we should hire you.
- Send your paragraph, along with your resume as an attachment, to mailto:resumes@atlasdistribution.com.
- The subject of your email should be: “ADC Jobs: Scheduler.”
- Make sure to include all of your contact information.

- - - - -

While Atlas Distribution Company has only one position open at this time, we will be doing additional hiring in the very near future. If you’re interested in working for Atlas Distribution Company, please follow the “HOW TO APPLY” instructions above replacing the email subject with, “ADC Jobs: Other.”

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  • Posted by  $  allosaur 4 years, 5 months ago
    I have a degree in journalism and used to be great on the phone back during the 70s as a newspaper reporter.
    I wound up with a career doing something way different.
    Now I'm a retired old dude with a tinnitus load of chirping crickets being heard in my ears as I now write on this keyboard.
    Here is an example of me on the phone.
    Me: "As I said, ma'am, I'm a little hard of hearing. Could you please raise your voice?"
    Lady: "Oh, I'm sorry. You did ask that of me, didn't you? The most important thing we should consider is mumble, mumblle, mumble.
    Me: Excuse me, ma'am, the most important thing is--?"
    Lady: Oh,I'm sorry, this most im-or-mumble, mumble, mumble."
    (This is like talking on the phone to my own 27-year-old-son).
    (That's never a problem with my ex-wife. She's always loud).
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  • Posted by JoleneMartens1982 4 years, 5 months ago
    I could use a new career. What would the hours be like? And if working remotely what kind of office equipment would I need to possess?
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    • Posted by 4 years, 5 months ago
      You would need a good phone and a computer with Internet access.

      Harmon is on Pacific time and since you'll be dealing with a lot of phone calls with businesses you'd need to be available during normal business hours (this couldn't be like a nights and weekends job).
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  • Posted by khalling 4 years, 5 months ago
    detail oriented and "superstar on the phone" seem contradictory to me. by definition salespeople aren't rule followers-they initiate stuff. Is this a sales position or administrative primarily?
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    • Posted by 4 years, 5 months ago
      It's an administrative position with heavy incoming and outgoing phone responsibilities.
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      • Posted by khalling 4 years, 5 months ago
        oh. ok, thanks for the clarification
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        • Posted by plusaf 4 years, 5 months ago
          So the "What" is actually "MAKING" calls, not the vague 'handling calls'... :)

          Reminds me of the time at HP when my boss wanted to hire someone to take over womb-to-tomb management of one of our configuration guides, which I'd been doing as a 'part time job' in addition to my designated responsibilities.

          I wrote the job description and interviewed several candidates, including the one we hired for the position.

          Nearly a year into the job, she came to my desk and announced that the job description I'd written was The Most Accurate representation of the Actual Position that she'd ever run into.

          Thanks, I replied. Thank YOU, she answered. And did a great job in that position, too!

          Ah, the memories. Skills unwanted today..
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