The Geneh War - Near Future Science Fiction with a Philosophical Flavour

Posted by Watcher55 6 years, 10 months ago
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There are no genehs...

Human genetic engineering has been banned for decades, and the last geneh – genetically engineered human – was killed twenty years ago.

But after a string of strange burglaries, trainee detective Miriam Hunter unearths evidence that the thief is a female geneh. Yet that is impossible. Where did she come from and what motives lie behind her mysterious thefts? What secrets are her victims hiding and why do so many of them have links to the President?

Miriam must follow a broken trail of contradictory clues to the truth behind the thief's nature and origin, through the corruption and betrayals that surround her, and ultimately face her own choices.

But will it be a choice she is prepared to make?

More than just a gripping detective story, more than just intriguing science fiction, this is a work that explores the ethical and philosophical themes surrounding genetic engineering, justice and the law.

(This is the prequel to the AI thriller Frankensteel).
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