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To make doing business between like-minded individuals even easier, we’ve introduced some great new features to the Galt’s Gulch Marketplace for both the buyer and the seller.

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For Buyers and Sellers...

Marketplace posts are now segregated into easy to view categories making finding what you’re looking for a breeze.

Marketplace posts now include a short description to quickly showcase what’s being offered at a glance.

If your business accepts payment via PayPal, you can now easily display a PayPal checkout button in your listing by simply adding your PayPal email to your post.

See what’s new in the Galt’s Gulch Marketplace in the run-of-site Gulch sidebar listing.

Add as many pictures as you want to your Marketplace listing… go on, we want to see everything you’ve got. Previously, anything over 10 images got a bit unwieldy to manage but we’ve made it easy to deal with as many pictures as you’d like to upload.

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For Sellers only...

Whether you want to add new pictures or add testimonials to your description, you can now edit your posts by simply clicking the “Edit” link under your post’s title.

You can now access your Marketplace listings from your Galt’s Gulch profile by clicking on your username in the upper right-hand corner and selecting “My Marketplace Posts.”

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