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Since our funding announcement in early February ( http://www.atlasdistribution.com/atlas-d... ), we've been searching high and low for films that can shake up Hollywood with the right message…

We found them.

Atlas Distribution Company is very excited to be actively assisting in the development of two upcoming films - one based on Jeff Benedict’s book "Little Pink House." The other, a movie based on Jim Greenfield’s novel "The Taxman Cometh."

Here we come.

- - - - -

Jeff Benedict’s book, “Little Pink House”, is the definitive account of Susette Kelo whose eminent domain saga culminated in a 2005 Supreme Court case.

Susette’s home was condemned after she refused to sell her home to the city. The city wanted to raze her home and use the land to attract a pharmaceutical company. When she refused to sell, the city used its power of eminent domain to condemn her house… and thus began one of the most epic legal battles in modern time.

More info: https://www.facebook.com/littlepinkhouse...

- - - - -

Jim Greenfield’s novel, “The Taxman Cometh”, tells the uproarious tale of a used car salesman... who takes on the IRS... and... guess who wins!

“This thought-provoking novel portrays the absurdity of our overbearing government bureaucracy with a story that is entertaining and fast-paced. The Taxman Cometh will become part of our national dialogue about taxes and freedom. And it’s funny as hell. Author Jim Greenfield is a cross between Ayn Rand and Monty Python. If enough people read this hilarious ‘man versus state’ book, the IRS will be put out of business, which is okay with me.”
- Grover Norquist,
President, Americans for Tax Reform

More info: http://taxmancometh.net

- - - - -

Stay tuned. We’re just getting started.

- - - - -

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