PRODUCERS ONLY: “Atlas Shrugged 2” Collectible

Posted by awebb 9 years, 2 months ago to The Gulch: Promotions
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*** EXCLUSIVE: For Gulch Producers ONLY ***

To raise awareness for the release of Atlas Shrugged Part 2 in 2012, we created a special, limited edition “Who is John Galt?” promo t-shirt. These t-shirts were distributed at events across the country until we ran out… or so we thought.

Recently, we discovered a small stock of these Atlas Shrugged Part 2 promo t-shirts in the Gulch warehouse. These t-shirts are a piece of Atlas Shrugged history. They will never be produced again. You can’t buy them anywhere. And we’re giving them to Galt’s Gulch Online Producers for free (just pay shipping).

Get your Atlas Shrugged Part 2 promo t-shirt now… before they’re gone for good:

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*Note: you must pay shipping.

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  • Posted by ISank 9 years, 2 months ago
    Great! Big Mahalo's Ive been looking for an excuse to purchase the Shrugged tie. That little guy motivates me as he and I know the shrugging will come so to stand in front of students wearing this tie will be enjoyable, and to a few of them, educational.
    Oh yea and I get a cool tee, Mahalo!
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