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Posted by sdesapio 8 years, 1 month ago to The Gulch: Promotions
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Rick (Eudaimonia), Alex (awebb), and Jay (jbaker) have been hard at work making some much needed improvements here in the Gulch. Some you may have noticed, others may not be so obvious. Here's a quick summary of a few of the recent "new" tweaks...

- Members Directory is now International (http://www.GaltsGulchOnline.com/members)
Not in the U.S.? Traveling and unsure of a specific zip code? No problem. The Gulch Members Directory now accepts just about any value you throw at it. Try it out, "Omaha, Nebraska", "Paluka", "Sydney", "Moscow" ... yep, "Moscow."

- Producers Only: Post Editing
Gulch Producers can now edit their own posts. Post titles, descriptions, URLs, and uploaded images, are now all under your complete control.

- Image Editing
Uploaded the wrong image to your post? No longer do you need to start your post from scratch. Now you can delete on the fly while creating your post.

Consolidated List Navigation
- It was getting kind of crowded up there - Hot, New, Top, Categories, Store... We've consolidated the main lists and added "Members" for quicker access to the Members Directory.

Daily Deal of the Day
- The Galt's Gulch Daily Digest email now includes an exclusive "Daily Deal" coupon code for use in the official Atlas Shrugged store. Those coupons are meant to make your jaw drop, so pay attention.

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UPDATE: 02.21.2015

- NEW: "Best Of: The Gulch"
Posts have a life cycle. You post, it gets voted on, other members comment on it, it makes it to the “Hot” list, the sky opens, all is well in the world, and then… it goes away. Until now.

READ MORE: http://www.galtsgulchonline.com/posts/23...

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Up Next...

The Galt's Gulch Marketplace. Got a product or service you want to promote to 20,000 like-minded individuals here in the Gulch? You're going to LOVE this.

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  • Posted by ObjectiveAnalyst 8 years, 1 month ago
    All good. I did miss my Hot button for a few minutes the other day... till I found it... :)
    I can see where the post editing will definitely benefit me. I get so distracted multitasking...
    Many thank's
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  • Posted by radical 8 years, 1 month ago
    This "Producer/Moocher" designation is a lot of nonsense..It is an unnecessary dichotomy. A producer is someone who works for a living, not someone who pays dues to be called a "Producer."
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    • Posted by plusaf 8 years, 1 month ago
      Or a Producer is someone who voluntarily contributed a portion of their personal wealth to the creation of AS1, 2 or 3 and as a result, is called "A Producer."
      Others, who enjoyed the benefits of the contributions of the so-called "Producers" are just possibly enjoying some of the fruits of others' labors and contributions.

      Make sense?
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