crazy world

Posted by wiggys 4 years, 2 months ago to Politics
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i just read 3500 german spies maybe compromised
duke university is going to ring friday prays starting this friday. if i were a student i would leave the school. i hope their basketball team does not win another game.
the us consulate in jerusalem will be arming their palestinian guards, as if they were ever going to be attacked by the isrealis. do you think 0 had something to do with this?
these were 3 articles on drudge. what i didn't see was the report about the fellow who swam 20 or so miles in the atlantic to shore in miami. remarkable feat since i have sailed those waters. my hat is off to the guy. while i am not religious something was on his side, bless his heart.
our world is becoming more and more tragic each DAY.

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