I'm glad I don't live here.

Posted by hm3buzz 5 years ago to News
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Between targeting people with concealed carry permits and this, I don't see how free thinking people can live in Maryland.
SOURCE URL: https://www.yahoo.com/parenting/parents-under-investigation-for-neglect-after-108180228512.html

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  • Posted by sfrgrdave 5 years ago
    As a retired police officer, I find this incident to be a complete waste of resources insofar as the police and CPS. It is also VERY poor police work. A good street cop, with good street instincts, could clearly see these kids were not in distress, nor neglected in any way. Meanwhile, as these cops were wasting their time with this incident, a REAL crime occurred the involved a REAL victim. The lame PC crowd are hurting themselves. Look at what happened in Boston with the protestors blocking I-93, forcing an emergency vehicle carrying a patient, with life threatening injuries from a auto accident, to divert its route, thereby putting that patient's life in greater risk. The mindset of these 'protestor types' are contradictory in that they are ostensibly protesting a 'cause' but in reality their actions are so selfish they are causing more harm to the masses.
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  • Posted by Abaco 5 years ago
    It's my understanding that children are abused while under CPS control something like 15-times more often than when not.

    This story freaks me out...
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  • Posted by terrycan 5 years ago
    What has happened to our country? I walked to school up to the 8th grade. Since the distance to high school was more than a mile I took bus. Granted I graduated HS in 1975. Has the world changed that much or are we a country of wimps?
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  • Posted by flanap 5 years ago
    I think it is a great idea....a wonderful, stupendous, fantastic, could not have thought of anything better idea!

    Moving on now...I find it interesting that you don't see anything in the article more than a slight indication that "someone" reported the kids being without their parents. I wonder if the M's talked to that "someone."
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