A New Year's Message from Producer John Aglialoro and the Atlas Shrugged Team

Posted by sdesapio 6 years ago to Entertainment
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"3 seasons, 13 episodes per season - that would be 39 episodes to tell the story. To tell it the way it's supposed to be told - explicitly." - John Aglialoro, Producer

Today, he said that. This morning actually. Nothing official yet, but yes, John laid out a plan for a mini-series and set it as a real goal for 2015-2016. How's that for a Happy New Year!?

2015... HERE. WE. COME.

Happy New Year!

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  • Posted by TheLittleAustrian 6 years ago
    I think this is a fantastic idea!!! Atlas Shrugged is a nuanced and complicated book with truly compelling characters. I would be glued to my hulu, neflix, or TV set if this were to happen.
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  • Posted by $ Lauerp 6 years ago
    Happy New Year to All
    Great fun experience
    Have watched the series multiple times and shown anyone who'd watch

    What's next?!

    Peter Lauer
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