L'Individuale, In Case We Need And Anthem

Posted by DaveM49 6 years, 3 months ago to Culture
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This is a little rough, but I offer it as an alternative to the socialist "Internationale". Edit and add verses as you may see fit.

(after Billy Bragg’s English Version of “The Internationale”)

Come, all you victims of oppression
Now that you have gained your sight
Your mind’s your most precious possession
You alone carry the light!
This world’s poisoned by exploitation
But the victims are not those who weep,
Check your premises and destination
The future’s yours for you to keep.

So, come all ye skilled creators
With the faceless crowds go mix
The internationalist ideal’s
What got us in this fix.
We are brothers, and sisters,
But only by our free choice,
Our vanishing and silence
Speaks with the loudest voice!

They’ll try to build walls to divide us
Keep “them” out but keep “us” in
Depart, and if you choose come join us
Once you learn your mind’s no sin.
Let the world not weigh upon your shoulders
Let the dollar be your sign,
Swear the oath: I live my life for no man
And ask none to live for mine.


And so, a new day will be dawning,
When the mind’s zenith is reached,
No more for us scraping and fawning
We now practice what we preach!
When the spark lit by our apperception
Is fanned by knowing: it’s not my fault
We will have learned the answer to the question:
Asked by all: “Who is John Galt?”


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