Ayn Rand: Do You Know Who She Was?

Posted by $ Mimi 6 years, 10 months ago to Philosophy
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I’m completely at a loss on which side of a debate to jump in when the debate is over Ayn Rand’s position on guns or abortion or conservatives or unions. Yikes. I don’t have the answers. Obviously, I will have to do the homework for myself if I want the answers, but, meanwhile...if you think you know Ayn Rand well enough to speak to her personal choices in these matters, then try this with me: post a link to a site you think she would like, and explain why you think she would like it. This is meant as a mental exercise so try not to beat each other over the head with your answers, please. I’ll go first. I think she would visit the AIA, (American Institute of Architects), website often. She might even take an online course or two or order from their reading materials. I think the answer of why she would be interested is obvious. She loved architecture and design.

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