The Lack of Quality and Pride In America

Posted by $ Abaco 2 months ago to Culture
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Have you noticed it too? I can't imagine that an Objectivist couldn't notice. In almost everything I interface in these days I see a total lack of pride in workmanship, lack of caring. What troubles me anymore is when I see it with entities that in the past have demonstrated a very high customer service and quality of work. Happened yesterday when I let the guy I hired to dethatch my lawn know that his crew didn't dethatch it at all. Zilch. I'm pulling wads of dead grass up with my bare hands and will have to do it myself. His answer? "Oh, that's how we do it so we don't overdo it and harm the lawn." I've known this guy for several years. Met him through my dad. I know it's nothing...But, I couldn't help but feel concern at this. I was out washing my boat when I let him know. My boat. The trailer is a piece of crap. Came with a tail light that didn't work, a poorly-designed j-box that wasn't designed to drain water (just hold it), and a hitch electrical plug that didn't work. I rewired it and sent the trailer manufacturer the receipt for the plug, asking if they could just reimburse me for the faulty part. The email I got back - "Oh, people often forget to unplug it and drive away, damaging the plug. And, that's what we think you did." My reply included, "...haha!". But, boat trailers are a bottom-feeder industry, come to find out. My only problem is that they're all bottom-feeder industries these days, almost entirely. I'm getting a new desk delivered tomorrow for my home office and if it's not screwed up somehow I'll be shocked. I'm trying to buy less these days, interface with others less, watch less tv. Just painfully paying my taxes (massive check for the feds written this year while Biden is pardoning all that college debt for those idiots who went to school to party and study something easy).

It's starting to really feel like there's a very small percentage (for years I've had it at 15% and I stand by that number) of people who care about what they do. And, we're like a little, private club. The guys that run the place that stores my boat...that place is an oasis of excellence. One little burger joint in town....If it weren't for the tattoos I'd think I was in Akston's Diner. Haha... Anyway...I had to rant. I don't think most others outside of here would understand... There's a little locksmith in town that is excellent. These establishments and their staffs stand out to me. We usually become friends - like we need each other.

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  • Posted by LibertyBelle 2 months ago
    There is something If it could be done (I think it could), or anyway, there's a chance. Campaign for the abolition of public schools. Let's not have an Establishment of Education, just as we should not have an Established Church. The state should not be in control of the minds of the country's children.
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    • Posted by CaptainKirk 2 months ago
      It's happening. My neighbor is 37 yo female teacher with a masters. Teaching K-8. This will be her last year. First, the union is unbearable, and the tenured people make 80% of the money, but do a fraction of the work.
      Second, the number of children who need translators b/c they do not speak English at home.

      She's done.

      Factor in the insidious rules that you must spread the disruptive kids into ALL the classes, so one teacher is not overwhelmed. (As a business owner. Sort kids by ability in every topic. GROUP them into classes by ability/topic. For the lowest group, assign 2 teachers).

      Reward the teachers for helping the kids move UP a level within this...

      But we don't care about the kids. I would rather have a kid who knows how to look something up, than a kid who gets the right answer all the time!
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  • Posted by JohnRandALL 2 months ago
    Not only a lower quality of things. We are seeing a lower quality of people. It now seems that most people are mindless zombies. It's like we are living "Night Of The Living Dead". Rarely now, I will meet someone that I call a "shining star", someone that stands out, as nice, competent, and truly caring about the product or service that they are selling.
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    • Posted by $ 2 months ago
      People can't think beyond the first step. They just can't do it. "Pardon debt for those poor students so they don't have to pay it". "Oh, yeah...if they put you on a terror watch list you shouldn't have a gun." "I don't care if they are spying on me. I've got nothing to hide." "I'm glad they are looking in my pants to get on the airplane because it makes me safe (while the border is wide open)." This is how a vast majority of people actually think! Wow... As my buddy and I were talking about the other day, we're in a small minority. The "democracy" effect will take over soon...probably once they figure out how to make the bird flu spread to humans, and rights will need to be "temporarily" done away with. We're ripe for it.
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  • Posted by freedomforall 2 months ago
    Cheap China goods. Everything off-shored and those who built quality laid-off.
    People bought the garbage on price and the quality products stayed on the shelf.
    Eventually the company that makes good quality either goes out of business or
    builds cheaper in China to survive.
    imo, most CEO's hired today have never made anything of quality and never
    will because they get bonuses on short term results. Fire them all.
    Today we have almost nothing that lasts. Thanks, Wall Street thieving looters.
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    • Posted by $ 2 months ago
      Very interesting. I just had this discussion yesterday, about home appliances. I told my friend who runs the storage business that we no longer buy high-end washers, dryers and fridges/freezers. We buy the cheap stuff because it lasts just as long as the 3X-price stuff because it's all built to fail, built down in Mexico.

      Add to that an observation I made when my son was a toddler. With almost all of the toys we bought being made in China I came to realize that 1/3 of them didn't work out of the box. 1/3 were total crap and a waste of money. Since, culturally, Americans were ok to let China built all our stuff we started getting whatever they were willing to ship.
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  • Posted by NealS 2 months ago
    I'm sure we all can relate to your Q & P concern; I have the same concerns so am always appreciative when something goes right. However, I have a great lawn guy, does an excellent job, even blows off areas he doesn't get near with his mower. And a story of a quality distributer. We bought a new BBQ cover on-line; the old one was turning to dust. They had three choices, we picked the top, the most expensive. It arrived with the vent holes and vent cover missing on one side, and a bunch of ripped stitching was there, sort of like the packaging machine might have just ripped it off. It also had some chalk markings on the front, no big deal. I called them and asked for a discount, also telling them I forgot to code for the 15% off. They immediately credited me for the 15%.

    They told me I had two choices, they would replace it, or I could get a refund. I elected for the replacement but told them the one I got was actually fine and very useable without the one vent cover because the holes for the vent were never punched and the threads could easily be pulled out. He insisted, replace or refund only. I told him just take $20 dollars off and I'll be happy with this one. No dice, replace or refund, only two choices. I elected replace, he then asked me to photo the improper panel and the chalk and email it to him. I did, then immediately got instructions that a new one would arrive in 5-7 days, and I could keep the original one or just throw it away. Wow, now I've got 14 years' worth of cover, they are warrantied for 7 years. My last one lasted 9 years.
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  • Posted by mccannon01 2 months ago
    For sure! It's even the little stuff that never should fall apart is falling apart. This week I was made aware of a problem I never would have dreamed of in the "old days" and that is the lug nuts on my vehicle were literally falling apart and had to be replaced. WHAAAAT!? They were manufactured as a lug nut with a chrome decorative sheath pressed or plated on top making it a composite nut (I don't see any advantage to this manufacturing ploy - certainly can't be cheaper than a plain old lug nut). Apparently over time the sheath and nut can separate making the removal and installation when changing the tire a real PITA and even screw up the required torque to hold the wheel on the vehicle. I picked up a pack of chrome plated SS nuts (NO sheath composite crap!) for $25 and changed them out. The old nuts were so bad it took nearly 2 hours to do a 30 minute job. This would NEVER happen in the "old days". Oh, the vehicle is a Dodge Grand Caravan and I found out Ford and Honda may use the same crap nuts on selected vehicles. Beware!
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  • Posted by 73SHARK 2 months ago
    And sadly, this attitude is creeping in to the military also. It seems like every other day, I read about a ship that either can't get underway or has to come back to port because of some lack of maintenance item.

    And then there's the airline industry that can't sing defined ways to tighten the lug nuts on the wheels.
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    • Posted by $ 2 months ago
      I've also heard about things like ships not being properly readied.

      Look at our commercial aviation issues lately. Parts falling off. A flight crew almost crashing through the control tower at Laguardia in a 737. Holy moly...
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  • Posted by CaptainKirk 2 months ago
    Side Comment... For 10+ years, I've wanted to create "Proud American" Brand. Where we make "Long Life Products". I am talking cast iron type grills with the same innards used by all of them, so you can easily just replace the burners/covers.

    Living in Florida, I buy cheaper grills, and every 2 years (maybe 3) I have to toss them. The burners are made out of paper thin aluminum, etc. The holes become 3x bigger than they started.

    I would do the same thing with the Stoves, and the Fridge. Less features. Less computers.

    I would consider selling Vinyl/polycarbonate "skins" so you could have whatever color/look you want.

    We are approaching a kitchen remodel because of water damaged cabinets. And I AM KEEPING My Stove, Fridge, and Dish Washer. Because they are fine, and the new ones SUCK. I make 12 trays of ice. By hand. Because new ice makers suck. But if I could keep this fridge until the day I die... I would.

    What happened? My brother just replaced the washer and dryer we had for 55 years in my parents house. How many of you have kept a washer or dryer NEAR that once you moved out on your own? How long do you think they last now? 5? 10? (Even at 10... That's 5 times LESS life than we used to get).

    Here's the kicker. I would rather pay DOUBLE to get quality that is designed to last. If it was my last grill... I would spend $1,000 instead of $200-300 I tend to spend.

    Admittedly, I cook on my grill 3+ days/week. Year round. And it sits outside in high humidity.
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  • Posted by CaptainKirk 2 months ago
    Why Care?
    Clearly there is no longer a retirement option at the end of working. Most businesses go under.
    The laws make it so that businesses don't want to start.
    Inventions are Stolen by our government via the Patent Office, under "National Security".

    Kids are tricked into massive debt for a terrible education.

    Come out without any skills, expect 6 figures.
    Can't afford a house.

    Modern Women are mostly undateable tramps.
    Young Guys have free access to porn and a huge risk in approaching a girl.

    Reminds me of a saying I heard from former communists:
    The government pretends to pay us, so we pretend to work.

    Break the dollar... And this is what happens. Why work and save when what you save gets destroyed by those making you work, and taking 1/3rd of what you make!
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  • Posted by tutor-turtle 2 months ago
    Every day, I hear how "Boomers" have wrecked the country.
    Now that we Boomers are all retiring, hows your world looking now?
    Just sayin'
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    • Posted by CaptainKirk 2 months ago
      I agree with McCannon overall... And I am not a boomer, but close enough to be grouped in...

      A Republic if you can keep it!

      We couldn't. But it started before us. It was not visible. Boomers inherited an AMAZING World of opportunities and options.

      We worked for a lot of it. We worked hard. We partied harder. And we swore we wouldn't make the mistake of raising the types of Strong Independent children that our parents created. We coddled our kids, and they coddled theirs.

      But we must OWN one thing. We are clearly leaving the world worse than we found it in many ways. Our children and their children will no longer live longer than the previous generation.

      We inherited this 4th Turning. And we were in a prime position to accept this gift... Oblivious to the fact that the 4th Turning itself is a reset of a living organism (called humanity). And it too has its own natural cycles.

      So, dear children. We apologize that it will not be as easy for you as it was for us. BUT FEAR NOT... Because if you REALLY TRY... you know truths we never knew. And your ERA has the ability to be a LOT LIKE our FOUNDING FATHERS ERA.

      As we die off, and let go of the reigns... Please SHOW US how it is done... Because ALL of our ANCESTORS are now counting on YOU to save humanity. We just hope you realize it IS WORTH SAVING... Unlike what you are being taught by people we NEVER WANTED teaching you!
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      • Posted by tutor-turtle 2 months ago
        We fell victim to the free love, sex, drugs and rock-n-roll op. We rebelled against all things our elders stood for. LSD was brought to this nation by the cia in an effort to tamp down the anti-war movement. In that way, the whole hippie movement, we made a mess of our inheritance.
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        • Posted by freedomforall 2 months ago
          Some of us didn't do as you point out and we take no responsibility for
          the actions of others who wouldn't listen to the wisdom that we understood.
          Perhaps the respect we had for our parents' wisdom was the reason.
          No "generation" is at fault.
          That is more propaganda from the Deep State who want us to fight
          among ourselves instead of recognizing and punishing the few
          sociopaths that betrayed us and want to enslave us.
          This betrayal started long before the birth of any of us now living.
          The actions of the Deep State are no more our responsibility than
          is the action of bringing black slaves to America 300 years ago.
          If we fail to act to stop the deep state now that they are exposed
          as evil sociopaths, then all of us will be at fault.
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    • Posted by mccannon01 2 months ago
      Most of us "boomers" didn't see this massive left wing extremist Marxist crap coming - we were too busy working for a living and building up the wealth and tech now being squandered. We boomers, however, have experienced the best Western Civilization could offer and are in the best position to see how it's being squandered and can issue the warnings, which many of us are doing now in our own way. Our generation had its handful of America haters that splashed the headlines from time to time, but we kept working and building for the most part and paid the idiots no mind. Maybe that was our only mistake.
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  • Posted by $ mwolff 1 month, 4 weeks ago
    Unfortunately, it's easy to find those without a clue. That make's it all the more important to support those that do go the extra mile. There are still many good proprietors out there, it just takes time and dedication to find them and then support them not just by buying but with word of mouth. Each of us individually may not keep a good business afloat, however an abundance of individuals that value their right of choice can
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