Everything Wrong With The Capitol Riots In 889 Angles | Act 2 Wooz News 11.6K followers

Posted by $ Olduglycarl 5 months, 3 weeks ago to Movies
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Lots of crisis actors and fakers . . . all scripted for your entertainment, by the creatures that told you it was real!

It was not, but you be the judge.
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  • Posted by AmericanWoman 5 months, 3 weeks ago
    Actually met a group of men ready to defend local city when the BLM was preparing to attack just by chance did I meet them walking my pup all patriots, all special forces who left when Obama came to office along with many who were pushed aside in the AF in my community not able to go higher by his orders. The men that I met right before the so called riots were going to listen to President Trump they learned what was being prepared at the Capitol listened to our President and got the He-- out of the city.
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  • Posted by NealS 5 months, 3 weeks ago
    I watched Act 2 a few days ago. What impressed me is that several of the actors that it highlighted were also highlighted actors in Act 1 which was filmed mostly inside the building. Even the first one that he put out, what seems like years ago, highlighted them and Ashli Babbitt again. Why was she filmed outside with a short speaking roll, coincidence? I read a whole bunch of it as a confirmation that they were actors. Why would these specific people be filmed outside and then have a bigger roll inside that someone else filmed? If you watch the first one, then this Act 2, perhaps it will hit you also. I now even believe that Ashli's parents were in on it, and she has a new life somewhere else. It's interesting that they just recently filed a lawsuit for a wrongful death (now in 2024). And the mall cop, watch him take the shot, or they don't train their personnel with guns on how and when to shoot. Interesting he lost a gun in a toilet recently too, why wasn't he fired? Someone way up there is responsible for dreaming this whole scenario up and getting all those actors to execute it. Note too, those that did actual property damage during the "riot", seem to have disappeared, those that followed are in jail. The hardest part for me is to believe that there can be that much blind hate for Donald Trump. Did anyone notice how new and shiny the props (Trump Caps) were on those that appeared at the Capitol early before Trump even finished his speech? Mine has more wear on it than any of theirs. And the other night the PBS special on Trump was sickening. There was nothing in it about anything good that Trump has done, nor any evidence that he wasn't completely behind a riot. I have learned that democrats tell stories about their own crimes, then take action to accuse others of committing them. I can't even think of a situation since Trump came on the political scene where they haven't done so. In case you missed it, Act 1 is here. The acting is impossibly poor, almost to the point of laughing. I can't find the original anymore, so here it is in my Dropbox: https://www.dropbox.com/scl/fo/lrb0j7....
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  • Posted by katrinam41 5 months, 3 weeks ago
    Crazy, but sure looks staged to me. Watched nearly all of it and plan on finishing it later on. When the Donald was first campaigning, I happened to be driving by a rally in progress outside of Toledo, OH. There were several thousand cheering people, peacefully supporting their candidate. The only news crew was a cameraman and an interviewer, and they were talking to the only person in a costume (Ben Franklinish). Later that night I watched that interview and noted that only a few stragglers were shown in the background, no mention was made of the huge turnout, no mention was made of the pristine condition those thousands of supporters left that playing field in. To see it broadcast, one would never guess what really occurred.
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