How long to crack your password?

Posted by $ AJAshinoff 7 months ago to Technology
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When arguing the intergrity of crypto, when factual the technical aspect can't be accepted. the tried and true HACKER threat is always present.

This chart assumes basic hack approaches. Please bear in mind AI, particularly in conjunction with a super computer, can render even the most complex encrypted password moot in a matter of minutes, perhaps seconds, when you attempt to connect.

I've seen other charts like this and they are all pretty much aligned with time.I also have a link somewhere where hackers cracked the encrypted password from several crypto business accounts to the tune of $42 Million. I'll look for it an post it if I haven't already. (Nm, I did post it here. Here's the link https://cybernews.com/news/fbi-crypto... )

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  • Posted by $ 7 months ago
    The Windows Club excerpt:

    Technically, the length of passwords can be a maximum of 127 characters according to Microsoft. 127 characters mean that you can create easy phrases that you can easily remember and yet are strong passwords. However, some other considerations associated with these operating systems make you use shorter passwords.

    For example, if you use a Microsoft Account to log into your Windows 11/10 computer, you are not allowed 127 characters. This is because Microsoft accounts (Live, Outlook, Hotmail, etc) have a maximum limit of 16 characters only. Thus, even though the login box of Windows 10 allows 127 characters, you are forced to use a password of maximum of 16 characters. Yahoo and Google are better in this case that allows 32 and 200 characters respectively.

    That said, albeit Microsoft, Yahoo and especially Google, once they have their hooks on your computer they have access.
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    • Posted by $ blarman 7 months ago
      The very notion of having a "Microsoft" login makes my skin crawl. I use fake information when I have to use their services.
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      • Posted by $ Thoritsu 7 months ago
        What system do you use Apple or Linux?
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        • Posted by $ blarman 7 months ago
          Unfortunately I'm locked in to Windows. (I've toyed with dual boot, but the games I like to play only run on Windows.) But what I'm talking about are Microsoft Online accounts, which you have to have to use Office and other Microsoft Apps. I happily ignore them - and save money - by using open source alternatives. And the Switch is far superior to the XBox anyway... ;)
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          • Posted by $ TomB666 7 months ago
            Have you tried WINE in Linux?
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            • Posted by $ blarman 7 months ago
              Not for several years. The version I tried was still very flaky. Biggest issue is integration of native display drivers - necessary for gaming. I didn't have a problem with just doing basic text editing, etc., but for gaming, the driver integration has to be solid. Maybe the more recent versions are better, I just haven't tried them.
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  • Posted by CaptainKirk 7 months ago
    That's a great chart.
    My recommendation for people is to use words with a separator character (-/+/_ etc)
    A last separator that differs based on the security level.
    Along with a numeric suffix that correlates to the security level.

    Then you have 4 levels of passwords:
    1) sharable (don't care)
    2) non-sharable (use something to memorize, no banking, no email passwords)
    3) An email password
    4) Financial Passwords. NEVER STORED/Memorized by software!

    My-Security-Thoughts+12 (21 chars!)
    And then variations could be

    Obviously, NONE of that is in my set of passwords.

    But this makes it pretty easy to put down.

    Also, you can ENCODE these in a written address book, as alternate addresses, that you have to re-assemble, because you know the pattern.

    That allows you to use OLD addresses.

    Never change just the number. If your password is leaked. It will be scanned, and then they will see the numbers, and substitute them out.

    FINALLY. This is critical.
    Use an email system that allows you to create "VIRTUAL" email addresses that cannot be linked to you.

    The attack surface is usually:
    SomeEmail@Yahoo.com =

    Take and try logging into EVERYTHING you can imagine with the SomeEmail@Yahoo.com

    Then try simple manipulations.

    Typically if a hacker gets 2 of your passwords, he can calculate MOST of your passwords.

    By having a different email PER site. You prevent them from "knowing it's you".

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  • Posted by term2 6 months, 4 weeks ago
    This is making a reliance on passwords really a bad idea. Gold buried in the backyard and a couple of pitt bulls hanging around the house seems a lot safer. Owning a house with a small plot of land to farm on, with a secure source of water and solar power, and a few guns and a supply of ammo makes me feel safer
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  • Posted by tutor-turtle 7 months ago
    There's a old saying (maybe not all that old): Never post anything online you wouldn't want on a Jumbotron. The same line-of-thought sort of applies to online accounts i.e. banking. You want to limit the amount of wealth it is possible to steal online.
    But here's the rub: once you retire, you want to travel, that necessarily implies long stretches of being away from your physical mailbox.
    So we create a series of online accounts that facilitate automatic payments from a specified bank account.
    Each account represents an opportunity or doorway for hacking. If you put all your utilities, credit cards, loan payments, toll passes, subscriptions.... each with access to your bank, you can easily see how wide open we are to someone being able to access our account.
    I actually had this happen to me. Somehow someone was able to start writing physical checks against my account. They started paying their utility bills, gas, groceries, dentist, even some campaign contributions (to a Democrat organization)
    I just so happened to be reconciling my bank statement, caught it within a week or so of the fraudulent charges. The bank stopped all further charges, but... It took several months to verify that the source of the fraud was not me, before I could be reimbursed.
    If you want to take advantage of all the conveniences of online living, it comes with risk.
    All that said, your best defense is to stay vigilant. Save your receipts. Pour over those statements as soon as they become available for you to scrutinize. Question anything that doesn't smell right, especially small charges, those are typically probes into your security.
    The alternative is to go off grid. Not many of us are paranoid enough to forgo the conveniences of online life.
    As soon as you step out your door, life is a risk.
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  • Posted by $ Olduglycarl 7 months ago
    Do you think AI/Hacker could hack a password that contains upside down, backward, inside out letters/phrases/ or just a word.
    Just loaded a program for this, (used it in this weeks ITMTyme) and it was suggested to use with passwords.
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    • Posted by $ 7 months ago
      Sure with enough time, persistence and creativity almost anything can be cracked . Iā€™d think the AI would probably crack it faster though.
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      • Posted by $ Olduglycarl 7 months ago
        Ai is only as good as it's programing though, right?
        I know, it's supposed to learn, but if it's programing model is BS, won't it everything it does will be BS, no? It's only an imitation with limitations.

        Ben Davidson from Suspicious 0bservers spoke with an AI about a host of scientific stuff, during the conversation, Ben noticed flaws in it's knowledge so he offered it examples, pier review studies and facts to correct it, it seemed to adopt the information but a week later, he reengaged with it on the same subjects but it only repeated it's previous mistakes.
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        • Posted by $ 7 months ago
          I agree. However any automated system, which includes AI, can work nonstop without adjusting or sharing focus. More, it could use multiple threads to try different approaches simultaneously, nonstop.

          If the AI is specifically tailored to programming/cracking to begin with it would be a threat from the start.

          While not there now learning is the present objective. Given time, with enough interaction, it will learn to mimic thought.
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          • Posted by $ Olduglycarl 7 months ago
            Just what I thought . . . "mimic"; Much like the parasitical humanoids, the great unwashed idiots that think they are better than us, therefore should rule.
            Not much different than the Human/Nephilim Hybrid Nimrod of Babylon . . . "We MUST go down and confound their language, lest Nothing be impossible unto them" . . . Take away our morals, our ethics, our desires for all things good and righteous, plug us in and watch us destroy everything.

            Yes, this thing is dangerous, you are quite correct. Just an electronic version of a Human Psychopath with a cold hard battery for a heart. That UN "Mada 'harry" creature comes to mind.

            Thank you AJ, for the warning. We the People must Not fall prey.
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            • Posted by $ 7 months ago
              Its all part of the "fairness" mantra, the entire end reason for that mantra. The contention is that people can not be "fair" due to inherent racism and bigotry inherent in societal upbringing, so something apart from human is needed, hence AI.

              Its all bullshit but there are those who won't learn until the noose cuts into their wind pipe.
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              • Posted by $ Olduglycarl 7 months ago
                Yes, and from an interesting direction you speak. []"It's all bullshit"[]. correct again.
                As if they really cared about fairness to others. It's that slight sense these psychopaths have that we would not accept them if we knew exactly who and what they are.
                . . . and they are correct, we'd sooner put them out of their misery but we best wait, someone else in history has vowed to do that.
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