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Why would we, advocates of Ayn Rand's ideas, say “Free Stuff?” Because we know there's really no such thing as a free lunch and, we knew it would get your attention.

Gulch Producers, while we're calling it "free", you actually already paid for it. Part of what you get for your monthly Producer’s subscription, or by being a backer of the Atlas Shrugged Kickstarter campaign, is special treatment. So here you go... here's a little value for value in trade. We have some extra stuff that we're phasing out of our store - T-shirts for Atlas Shrugged Part II – not all sizes are available, but if you want one – they're yours. First come first serve.

One more thing... you have to pay for shipping and handling so… not free, but... close enough.

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  • Posted by $ nickursis 7 years, 2 months ago
    Cool. Value for value, what a concept! AR would be proud. I got so excited, I'm springing for a hat (and I have had the same hat for 15 years, so changing it is a life event!)
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