Interesting Take on Our Impending War(s)

Posted by $ Abaco 7 months, 4 weeks ago to News
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Had a nice meeting with a Persian friend of mine the other day. I asked if Iran used the latest American gift of $6B to fund Hamas' attack. He said no, that Iran already had plenty of money for that. Asked who mastermined it - he said "Russia". I haven't heard anything about that on the news but it makes sense. Now Blinken says we'll "be ready" if Iran attacks. Israel hasn't invaded Gaza on the ground yet...which means they may not. Meanwhile, based on news reports it looks like we're supporting/funding both sides. I don't think I'd call what we're doing "leadership"...Strange days...

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  • Posted by $ BobCat 7 months, 4 weeks ago
    In our attempt to 'buy' status on the world stage and to 'feel good' by giving away $$$ to everybody and every nation, we can't even recognize the Truth if it rose up and bit us on the rear-end.
    We have no leaders in DC and DC only cares about the worldly optix as we blindly rush towards communism.
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  • Posted by term2 7 months, 4 weeks ago
    WE cant listen to any of the politicians. They lie to support their hidden agendas- none of which help the US citizens I am sure.

    Biden hates Israel, partly because they just make up their minds and act without approval of Biden.

    Iran and Hamas and Hezbollah want to eradicate Israel, and will do whatever it takes to accomplish that, whenever it appears most advantageous for them to do it. Biden is a great facilitator of this, since he is a terrible leader and I really doubt that he would significantly help Israel if they were simply attacked by Iran.
    Russia will use the conflict in Gaza to deflect USA support for Ukraine. This will be the time for Russia to advance into the rest of Ukraine.

    China will use the opportunity to move against Taiwan, most likely by isolating the country through naval blockades until Taiwan capitulates.

    Its going to be just what Biden wants.
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  • Posted by $ blarman 7 months, 4 weeks ago
    I don't buy Russia being behind the Hamas attacks. They've got their hands full with the Ukraine war and unless it would pull US funding away from Ukraine, it doesn't benefit them at all. I could however accept the notion that China was a funder of Hamas. With the Ukraine front already open and the US backing Israel with more weapons, it leaves the US not only distracted on TWO other fronts but seriously low on munitions to sell to Taiwan in the case of hostilities there.

    As to Anthony Blinken, just what precisely will Biden be "ready" for? They've shown that they are nothing but inept across the board. I trust the individual theatre commanders but they have to get orders from on high to engage.

    Israel WILL invade Gaza. They can't politically afford not to and they've been warning Hamas for decades about the repercussions of something this big. They've given weeks now for anyone to get out of Gaza and warned them via leaflets several times. When they do go in it will be fast, it will be brutal, and they will clear every building - demolishing them as they find tunnels, etc. The delay is because they are still trying to locate the surviving hostages so they can try to hit those buildings first.

    Funding both sides? We've been doing that for ages despite Israel's protests. Hamas takes the money and materials meant for building apartments and treating the wounded and turns them into rockets, tunnels, and bomb vests. We should have stopped giving money to the Palestinian Authority years ago. Without those funds, Hamas would have had to rely on Iran.

    I agree that we haven't shown "leadership" in the Middle East for 30+ years with the major exception being Donald Trump. The Abraham Accords were a HUGE step in the right direction and if Trump was still in office he would have been able to build on those. So sad.
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  • Posted by CaptainKirk 7 months, 4 weeks ago
    China does it better...
    They fund both sides, but only if they get something tangible as a result... Like Belt and Road.

    Pretty soon, a high speed train will transmit goods to/from Russia... (Okay, that's their hope). But given enough time, if they don't implode first... What an interesting way to bring so many countries together...

    The USA (Deep State/MIC): Yeah, we'll just bomb 'em and make the tax payers pay us whatever we charge per bomb... Is that a $5k car? Lets hit it with a $250k smart bomb! And show the video on CNN...
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