Chemical Lobotomization of America

Posted by $ Abaco 2 months ago to Science
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So I was listening to an interview of Michael Connett, Esq. What's clear is that the fluoridating of America's water is dangerous. By the analysis of over 70 studies the results are overwhelming. Even at low/approved levels of 0.7 ppm it lowers IQs. The foot-dragging by our government agencies over this is nauseating. Next case to try to get them to move and correct this problem starts on my birthday - fitting. This interview I heard today is probably the last such interview I'll listen to. Starring into the abyss too long is unhealthy. I'm 1000% sure that our "managers" are more concerned about something other than the neurological health of our children. Reminded of the quote in Atlas Shrugged about that when their fat little comforts are threatened we can be sure that science is the first thing they abandon.

For about 20 years I've had the very dark hobby of watching my fellow Americans get more and more stupid. Meanwhile, I stopped taking vaccines. Started treating my tap water with RO, stopped consuming shit like aspartame. About 4 years into this I also took up long range tuna fishing. I eat a lot of pelagic fish that I catch hundreds of miles offshore. If it weren't for my beer habit I'd be pretty pretty with it...haha. I've watched young people struggle more and more to have intelligent conversations. Watched our homeless population EXPLODE with men in their teens and 20s (California is the perfect place to see this. All you have to do is use your eyes). Go out somewhere and order a dinner for four. $10 says they'll screw something up...easy money. At administrative levels, organizations all around me struggle: from my doctor's staff telling me that my PSA is elevated five months after my biopsy, from the place hiring my son having a completely convoluted employee website that nobody can figure out, from continuously having cashiers not able to make goes on and on and on. Pretty early on I was pretty sure that something dark was going on. Many days it seems like everybody screws everything up. The other day I was telling my wife about the remake of the movie "The Crazies". Much like "idiocracy"...I watch it with mouth agape...waiting for the fiction part to kick in. LOL. You get the idea. Oh...and the movie "The Crazies" ends with a nuclear bomb being detonated...FWIW...

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  • Posted by mccannon01 2 months ago
    My rather unscientific study, which is nothing more than simple observation, agrees with your observation that America is getting more stupid. I thought it was just me, but my wife is also on board with this. She made me laugh yesterday when we were out to run a few errands and she remarked, "This must be the special stupid day for this week.". She was referring not only to a larger than usual populace of idiots on the road, but people and employees in the stores we went to. Some days it's unsafe to be out and about.

    I would remark, "Is there something in the water?". Well, maybe there is.
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