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Joe Biden A No Show As Afghanistan Weapons Used By Hamas, funded by Iran, Hamas Bombs Isreal and Americans Held Hostage!
A lot of reasoned speculation right now. Lots of Questions, Lots of Observations . . . no matter how we look at it all, the finger prints of the left, the Resident and his handlers are all over these developments . . .

Read the link below and lets then have a continuing discussion and sharing of Finds.
SOURCE URL: https://www.newconservativepost.com/2023/10/joe-biden-a-no-show-as-afghanistan-weapons-used-by-hamas-americans-held-hostage/

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    Posted by 73SHARK 2 months ago
    We should be worried about all of the unknown got-aways as there seems to be a large number of known unaccompanied military aged men coming across our Southern border including a lot Chinese.

    Another sign that the country is circling the drain was when a Palestinian protestor in NYC was asked if she was an American and she said yes. When asked if she supported America, she said no. That and the fact that the country is slowly becoming multilingual are sure signs.
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    • Posted by $ blarman 2 months ago
      This was brought up on my favorite local talk show this morning. The US has admitted that if the men who have been flooding across our borders since the Biden Administration gained control would be a nightmare to the US internally, as we don't have sufficient forces or training to stop them.

      Sounds to me like a really good reason to lock and load. My hope is that they head for the population centers - which are mostly Democrat. Watch them chickens come home to roost...
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