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Posted by $ Abaco 5 days, 12 hours ago to Politics
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I was listening to a Newsome interview on the way in to the office this morning and started feeling real anxiety. Even though I'm in my "Gulch" location, the prospect of a complete collapse of society troubles me and makes me concerned for our kids, your kids. And...knowing what I know I'm sure this guy will bring the country to its knees. I won't go into the details of how I know it, but I see this guy as a compromised psychopath. You know those kinds of people who will do ANYTHING for power? That's where we'll be with this guy in charge. I was saying long ago, as soon as Buydem was elected, that this guy was next in line. Nobody believed it. They believe it now and they're worried. Under his leadership the California Assembly went not only full woke, but has written very pro-pedo laws that he's happy to sign. In fact, he followed the Jerry Brown tradition of not letting anything of substance get on the ballot...No. Just have the lipstick wearing guys in the Assembly draft up the shit, transfer the same staffers from one committee to the next (so that it only gets reviewed by a very small handful of your cronies as it goes through a two or three committee review - actually it's just one committee over and over), and sign it into law. I'll let you go google the latest laws in California. If there is such a thing as "Biblical", this is it....

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  • Posted by 25n56il4 5 days, 11 hours ago
    Newsome cannot even issue some sort of rent control so that young doctors can live in an apartment not on the street. A 700 square foot apartment in California is $3,000 a month! People are leaving in droves. Los Angeles is a sewer. Who would vote for this idiot? He is Nancy Pelosi's nephew for Goodness sake,,,,that should shed some light on him! nb
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    • Posted by Rex_Little 4 days, 11 hours ago
      This is what I don't understand, With all the people leaving California, who's paying those ridiculous prices to buy or rent property there? Someone is--when my ex wanted to escape last year she put her tiny (under 600 sq. ft.) cabin in the mountains up for $375K--and got a cash offer for $430K.
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  • Posted by $ mshupe 4 days, 15 hours ago
    It sure seems likely. To me, the only interesting development would be a serious challenger attacking this little prick on the basis of his all-out assault on human nature, on political liberty, on the private sector, on life itself. Someone to unleash the rhetorical equivalent of a rapid-fire bazooka to his sling shot.
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  • Posted by $ Markus_Katabri 5 days, 9 hours ago
    Yep….we’re all gonna have to lube up for Gavin.
    There’s ZERO chance THEY let Trump back in. They’ll do WHATEVER it takes to ensure that doesn’t happen. Somewhere there’s an asset that wants to go down in history as the person that “SAVED DEMOCRACY” or whatever IT is they’re calling IT these days, and will take actions too ensure that their family will be well provided for.
    It’s time to put away the HOPIUM and deal with what’s staring us right in the hairy eyeball.
    We don’t control the levers that control the normies. The Grand Old Party doesn’t even have the balls to impeach Biden. Doesn’t matter if it fails in the senate. Out of principle they should return the favor the Democrats visited on Trump TWICE!!!! Over NOTHING!!! They have evidence that Joe has presided over egregious violations of The Constitution. If they can’t impeach over that….what the hell are they gonna do about it when Newsome does it?!
    What’s coming can’t be stopped unless a bunch of people have the motivation to do some really unconventional things. Which I do NOT see at all.
    Duck and Cover! On your way out try to bar the door to keep IT from following you.
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  • Posted by mhubb 5 days, 11 hours ago
    you would have to be insane, or a parasite, or a traitor, you know, a REAL democrat to vote for someone that has destroyed california and would continue the biden destruction of America
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  • Posted by 25n56il4 3 days, 5 hours ago
    I wouldn't bet the farm the Democrats are sold on some of the slobs that are gearing up to run for President. They are suffering the same as we are and when it comes deciding time, you might get a surprise. n
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  • Posted by mikeofallon 4 days, 11 hours ago
    GN is too slimey even for most D's. He looks like a used car salesman and many voters go by looks - not substance (tho would not admit that). CA has many natural advantages & D's have ruined it in every way & can't explain that away or blame DT.
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    • Posted by bobsprinkle 4 days, 10 hours ago
      I took a double dose of anti nausea meds and watched Hannity's interview of GN. His answers were a continuous run on dialog of what he thought Hannity might be thinking. He couldn't shut his ugly face up.
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