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  • Posted by JohnRandALL 10 months ago
    Even some of the doctors I know that are strongly pro Covid vaccine, are beginning to question the need for yet another booster this fall. One doctor is extremely pro Covid vaccine and has had every booster he can get, yet recently complained that he has acquired Covid for a third time. Duh. Yet he still fails to see the connection. All the shots have made him MORE likely to get Covid. But he still believes they protect him from "severe illness and death".
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    • Posted by $ Markus_Katabri 10 months ago
      Remember when they rolled it out with the lie that it would stop COVID? (Even my wife said I was wrong here…until I produced a video of Walensky saying it.)
      Then as the empirical evidence grew it morphed into lessening symptoms.
      So asymptomatic spread, which was the reason given for the lockdowns, is actually worse because of the vax.
      But if you point this FACT out you’re accused of being a “Trump Supporter and a BIGOT”…..gasp….

      If you point out that based on the CDC’s own data MORE people died in the first year of Biden’s administration than the last year of Trump’s, despite all the “mostly” NOT safe and effective being slung all over the place, you’re accused of being some kind of -ist…..promoting some kind of -ism. But if CNN doesn’t have a “Death Ticker” up and running 24/7 did those people actually die? Apparently not.

      One need not even wade into the cesspool of Vax Safety debate. There is enough hard evidence calling into question it’s efficacy that it makes the safety aspect moot for people with critical thinking skills. A die hard labor democrat I am acquainted with, who hasn’t figured out that the DNC hates him yet, came down with COVID for the fourth time this summer. I couldn’t help but quip..:..”How’s that VAX workin’ for ya’?” He hasn’t spoken to me since. I’m counting it as a win.

      We turned SCIENCE into a team sport.

      And don’t even get me started on how the same group that spent 2 years saying “ANY travesty of rights is worth it if we save just one life.” only to become the Yellow and Blue flag festooned cheer section for the people shouting “TO WAR!!!” But that’s a whole other can of worms.

      I’m convinced that the low-key PsyOp going on is to convince people they are smarter than actual smart people. Can intelligence be purchased for $300 per credit hour? Or, is it just the affirmation of intelligence that’s for sale?

      The sobering truth is that a society I once had a lot of faith in has been revealed to be a bunch of knuckle dragging troglodytes hell bent on telling me I’m the stupid one.
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