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Posted by skidance 1 year ago to Technology
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I just decimated a solar salesman's pitch with hard facts. For example, when I asked him what percentage of the atmosphere consists of CO2, he thought it was 20-30%. I corrected him by responding that it's .04%. We went over the toxic materials issue and the supply/demand situation, the efficacy of solar in general, lifespan, replacement and recycling issues. He discovered that there were some errors and gaps in his knowledge, but I countered his explanation that most of his company's panels are manufactured in the U.S. by asking where the raw materials were obtained and mentioned that few of such minerals are available in the U.S. I can see, though, how the uninformed can easily be fooled.

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  • Posted by mshupe 1 year ago
    No doubt, 99% of the sales force only know a narrowly defined script. Of course, it's such a complex system, a few essential facts are all that is needed to expose them, and those will never be included in the training narrative.
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  • Posted by mhubb 1 year ago
    same here

    "do you know the stuff you sell is hazardous waste?"

    "do you know it will void the warranty of the person's roof?"

    they denied it all....

    i had fun
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