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  • Posted by $ BobCat 1 year ago
    Hiding the straights.... a glimpse into the near future. Also to include we Maga's, anti Vaxers, and man-made climate deniers.
    Wondering how long before they start to include we A=A ers?
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    • Posted by $ 1 year ago
      I don't think social deviants understand that one...
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      • Posted by $ Snezzy 1 year ago
        The statement "A is A" is of course an abbreviation of a much longer explanation. Many people, even those who feel that they are Objectivists, don't quite get it, and are unready to defend it against mystics and crooks who claim that there are multiple realities (metaphysics) or that we can't really know what anything actually is (epistemology). We easily back down when attacked, for being too simplistic in stating that contradictions do not exist.

        My personal choice is to attempt the "Aikido" technique. In Aikido, a martial art in which I am NOT skilled, the person attacked uses this defense: "You want to go in that direction, well, I'll help you." He enlists the attacker's force in deflecting the attack.

        To the "A is not A" person I might say, "Oh, you think you are transgendered? I can understand that. My dog is a toad, and my unicorn is a typewriter. You are probably two-thirds of an elephant. I'll bet you believe the moon landing was faked because the moon does not exist."

        My wife successfully took care of an "anti-plastics" nutcase. She told her, "No plastics? You don't use plastics? Take off your clothes. Give me your car keys. Your clothes and your car all are made with plastics." I think the nutcase went and slithered back under a rock or left in a huff.
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