May 2023, true event: When A doesn't equal A

Posted by $ AJAshinoff 1 year ago to Culture
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I've been planning my latest excursion into the rim country of Northern Arizona for a few weeks. I settled on a place and made contact with the proprietor. Availability assured a deposit was required to hold the remote cabin. Learning that the proprietor does not take credit cards I went to my bank, had a money order drawn up and then visited UPS. UPS was chosen because the post office is packed with imbecilic half-wits who rarely are reliable and because UPS assures prompt delivery and tracking. The latter of the two statements was my mistake.

On Saturday the 19th I sent the money order 2ND day delivery from Phoenix to an area around Payson, about 90 minutes away.
Sunday 20th, the package was reported to be in Star Valley Az, about 20 miles from the destination, 90 minutes from me.
Monday 21st, the package is reported to be in Goodyear Az, about 20 minutes west of me.
Tuesday 22nd, the package is still reported to be in Goodyear Az, about 20 minutes west of me.
Tuesday 22nd evening, the package is reported in Ft Worth Texas, 1038 miles (east) from me.
Wednesday 23rd, the package is still reported in Ft Worth Texas, 1038 miles (east) from me.
Wednesday 23rd evening, the package is reported in Phoenix.
Thursday 24th 9am, package is reported in Payson Az, 90 miles from me, 30 miles from destination.
Thursday 24 4pm, packaged delivered.

Today, Thursday 24th, I go to the UPS store explaining that I want a refund. I paid for 2 day delivery and received 4-5 day delivery instead.

This is where A fails to equal A.

The Clerk explains to me:
Saturday and Sunday aren't a AIR pickup days.
Monday AIR picks up at 5PM so Monday is not a delivery day
Tuesday the package was in route Texas (delivery day 1)
Wednesday the package was in route to Phoenix (delivery day 2)
Thursday the package was delivered.

I explained how business days are numbered to the simpleton in a faux sheep jacket (when it's 103 degrees outside no less). For almost all businesses Monday is day 1 and Friday is day 5, which would make Thursday day 4. Even discounting the weekend days as dead time, which is BS for delivery services, Monday would still be day 1 making delivery set for day 3, not 4.

Moreover I explained that as a customer I don't care about their inner mechanism or logistics for business only that what they promise in return for taking my money will be what is accurately provided. In this case taking an envelope from my hand and delivering it to someone else in 2 days time.

She told me air delivery required an air flight. I laughed at her asking why air was sold to me by her people when I only asked for 2 day delivery. I had assumed that their 'professionalism' would know better than I what they were recommending to meet my needs.

Needless to say she wouldn't process the refund, claiming that she could only refunds for next day deliveries. She gave me the owners numbers I can seek a refund from him directly. I called the owner and left a voicemail.

Annoyed I logged into my capital one account and filed a dispute seeking to get my $50 back.

Fortunately the proprietor was very patient so I didn't lose out on escaping this summers heat for the cooler and much greener Arizona forests (yeah, we have them).

The world is become mass of assholes on parade.

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  • Posted by $ Markus_Katabri 1 year ago
    The whole system is a glittering facade. If you look closely at the foundation you can see the rot accelerating. The plaster in the walls above is beginning to show stress cracks.
    It’s only a matter of time before air travel becomes unsafe on a third world level. I just hope no one I love is in the first empirical evidence example.
    T-minus 7 years and counting.

    PS....found out that my contracted replacement at my former workplace fried about $20,000 worth of equipment due to not understanding wild legs in an electrical distribution system. He is about 20 years younger than me. Soon he will be the norm.
    Enjoy the decline.
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  • Posted by $ 25n56il4 1 year ago
    This stupidity isn't confined to delivery services. Did you see my post about renewing my Driver's License and the lying the dumb little girl who did the testing engaged in? I thought State Troopers tested you not aging teenagers.
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  • Posted by freedomforall 1 year ago
    I commiserate, AJA.
    All the delivery services have been making (lame) excuses for poor performance since 2020.
    They have had ample time to fix their issues assuming the people available to them have the
    mental ability and attitude to perform a service adequately.
    The evil, greedy white male boomers are no longer available for delivery or management jobs,
    and that may be part of the reason for UPS and FedEx failures and declining services.
    As a result, chicken-s#!ts are in charge and civilization is in danger of collapse thanks
    to their brainwashed "brilliance."
    All of the above is my opinion based upon experience.
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    • Posted by $ 1 year ago
      I think the most obnoxious aspect of it was, aside from her 'street attire' was her trying to convince me of her delusion. I haven't gotten a call back from the owner and, to be honest, I'm not expecting one. Fortunately I reported this to Capital One and I should get my money back. I spend $1000's a year via Capital One, Reason aside, I think that should get me the benefit of doubt.
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  • Posted by $ Abaco 1 year ago
    These kinds of stories are making up a section of my book. Over and over I have had conversations like this. The best recent one was with a bank worker who, after being told that my mother-in-law has two letters from doctors (per her trust) stating that she has dementia, said my mom-in-law needs to come in, state her bank account numbers and balances without us coaching her. I don't need to state what I said in response...but, her final response was pretty funny. People truly are getting dumber...
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  • Posted by Ben_C 1 year ago
    Pretty much the same experience with FedEx. They trashed a unique medical model that was wrapped in multiple layers of bubble wrap with two day delivery Four days later that package arrived compressed into a rectangle. No explanation as to what happened. No reimbursement.
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