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Posted by $ servo75 1 year ago to The Gulch: Introductions
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I just re-upped my producer status, I've been on a while actually, but just the brief intro. I got hooked on Atlas Shrugged when I first saw the movie about 10 years ago. Since then I've read the book twice, same for Fountainhead. While I certainly don't agree with everything that Rand writes, nor everything John Galt says, it is nice to find a Gulch, even if it's virtual.

I live in Washington (the good one, on the Pacific Ocean). Eastern Washington, not the place where the commies live. I'm a computer developer by trade though I've done other things such as teaching in the past. I consider myself an extremely over-educated recovering academic.

Shrugged and Fountainhead have in recent years caused me to question several things about my life and being a member of the Gulch has helped answer some of those questions, and start new ones.

I long for the day when the real Gulch exists and humbly hope I'm worthy enough to be invited.

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