Last of My Altruism

Posted by $ Abaco 12 months ago to Culture
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Over the years I gained a lot of knowledge about engineering in terms of infection and pandemic control. I've spent the past several years going to meetings, drafting code language and similar guidance. Consulting some elective officials I'm sure you're familiar with. I, almost accidentally, inched my way higher and higher in the machine doing this. People want answers. They want expertise. I get that. But, proposals coming from those I'm trying to help are getting so crazy that I'm pulling the plug after this current effort. Should be done this summer. Still on a board trying to advance plumbing technology (which, by the way, has done more to prevent pandemics in America than anything else). Already told the plumbing engineers "find my replacement". I'll still pay the athletic fees for kids who can't afford it at our local high school (even though the athletic director proved himself to be a complete assh*le last year). The wheels are coming off the cart in America. That's clear. I'm done contributing. From kids' athletics, to utility bills, to mortgages, to medicine, to our food supply, to our military, on and on...things are corrupted.

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  • Posted by $ Markus_Katabri 12 months ago
    Right there with you. I’m done making the wheels of manufacturing turn. I “Retired” 15 years earlier than .gov thought I would. I cashed out my 401k and paid off debt. The interest saved outweighs the penalty. And after the bath we all took I don’t even consider the opportunity cost of not being in this obviously manipulated market. The inflation that’s still coming is more reliable than market returns if you invest in tangibles.
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  • Posted by mhubb 12 months ago
    same at the place i work
    they burned over 200 millions changing their name, other stupid stuff
    now they are crying poor

    along with all the other lies and violations of basic human rights

    i now keep silent, except when it serves my purpose
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