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Posted by DennisJeeves 1 year ago to Going Galt
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Most people when they talk about 'Going Galt' are generally talking about themselves and probably no one else , except perhaps family members being involved. They also often want to stop dealing with the mainstream entirely. This in my opinion is not always optimum, Ideally the Gulch should be able to replicate all the good stuff the mainstream has to offer, like a hospital, or jobs that pay well. Larger projects (whatever that might be) require more people who are philosophically aligned and intellectually wise to co-operate achieve that goal.

I'm putting crude efforts in that direction which are outlined here at https://quberoot.wordpress.com/ . If you are interested please contact me after reading what I have put in the link. One thing that I can say unflinchingly is that it will take a lot of effort in building working relationships - something which most admirers of Ayn Rand nether comprehend nor practice.

Summary, if you don't want to read the all pages on the link:
1) Get together with like minded people (I have defined what like minded is in the link that I put).
2) Work on projects for mutual benefit.
3) Initial efforts will be co-operating online.
4) A stress on people rather than projects. Without the 'right' people every project no matter how well laid out will be doomed.

As you can see there is nothing new about it really (partly the theme of Galt's Gulch in Atlas Shrugged ) , but the big challenge appears that often relatively independent thinking people also come with reclusive tendencies. This means that there is complete lack of efforts in putting aside minor differences to co-operate with other like-minded people for mutual benefit. Independence of thought (which is good) tends to foster loner (which is bad) like tendencies.

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  • Posted by $ 25n56il4 1 year ago
    What planet are you from and how did you stumble onto our website? You mentioned intelligent people in hospital positions. Well, Methodist Hospitals in Houston fired 173 doctors and nurses who didn't take the vax and now they are paying sign on bonuses of $15,000 to replace them! That's real intelligence. N
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  • Posted by $ Markus_Katabri 1 year ago
    We come with reclusive tendencies because dealing with the dumb herd animals is painful on several levels.
    Get me around a bunch of like minded individuals and I’m more than happy to collaborate.
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