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Posted by Grantus 10 months ago to The Gulch: Introductions
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I came here and to other places that speak of creating a separate economy of sorts to one of their own nation, as people of said nations have failed them in voting for those who wish to protect their rights.

My political journey began in comedy, I write "disparaging" jokes that the crowd loves but... that's no excuse according to the left, racism is racism in any context and must be stamped out and my career along with it. I'm young too, so I've never had a real chance at one so no, you won't know who I' am, sorry.

I've nothing else to say other than I' am without a country and, I think I was a child without one also. I think my people died in 1943 with the creation of the NHS and that's about all I' am willing to share for now. Maybe more later if we talk.

Please know that I will do anything to get out of the UK so, if you have any ideas on getting to the US and gaining citizenship and therefore my rights back that would be greatly appreciated. I've probably said too much, people get arrested for that where I' am.

Cheers for reading, have a wonderful day.

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