Stats and Facts. Facts can be stubborn things.

Posted by $ Abaco 2 months ago to Economics
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For every death of a Ukrainian in the war there are 10 deaths in the US due to Fentanyl.

We've spent over $190T in the Ukraine war with Russia. Every American family is paying $100/month.

You've seen the estimates here of all the death and destruction from the jabs. They still want to force them on people.

Fauci just said there is another pandemic right around the corner. This last one fit the description of a "century pandemic" that is only really expected every 100 years. Well....we've learned that we're cooking up all kinds of similar viruses around the world. My Israeli friend told me last night they have a human-transferable camel pox.

I just sold some real estate. Felt like a mad dash to get it done before the rest of Biden's work got started. Going to sit and hold at this point. Maybe pick up some short-term T-bills at 5% return. Maybe a little of the shiny stuff...

Hold on to yer hats...

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  • Posted by $ Markus_Katabri 2 months ago
    I move money out of normal “investments” as fast as I can. This thing is going to pop. The BEST scenario possible is creeping inflation. I’d love to know what the feds actual target rate is. I guarantee it’s not the publicized “official” one. They need to pay liabilities with cheap dollars. And if I controlled the “printing” of those dollars why would I care how many it took to settle a debt?
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    • Posted by $ 2 months ago
      I'm still mulling over picking up a rental property or waiting for Biden's policies to smash everything down to near zero. It's like being a bullfighter. Certainly looking at getting back into collecting some gold coins.
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