Posted by $ Olduglycarl 5 months ago to Humor
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If things keep going like this, There'll be no news kinda worth watching on TV anymore.

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    Posted by $ allosaur 5 months ago
    Memes #3 and #4 tracked down the scent-following me dino to clearly explain a homogeneous stench I've been smelling.
    Nothing seemed quite right about Fox News CEO Murdock so quickly buckling for Dominion before going to trial.
    Black Rock/Vanguard owning both Dominion and Fox sued itself to write off hundreds of millions and gave Tucker Carlson the boot to appease Big Pharma advertising.
    Tax write-offs should ease the pain of Black Rock/Vanguard owned Fox for losses incurred for firing Tucker.
    May The Force bring back a laughing it up Carson to be more powerful than ever.
    He deserves it for having the guts to expose the Deep State fat cat bully boys of a murdering innocents for money Big Pig Pharma. Tucker is one of the very few real journalists left.
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  • Posted by $ 5 months ago
    I vote: Tucker, there are plenty of Beers out there, but there are not many truth exposing TV News casters on TV.

    You'll just have to tune in once a week here at the Gulch for: IN THE MEME TYME's take on what happened last week.

    Breaking News: Coming Soon: "Ayn Rants"Β©...
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    • Posted by 73SHARK 5 months ago
      I agree. In the long run the Bud Light debacle may set a standard for other companies to learn a lesson that there are a lot of MAGA people out there. And they make a lot of buying decisions on how they spend their money.
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  • Posted by CaptainKirk 5 months ago
    Do NOT confuse Bud Light with Tucker Firing.
    Although they are the SAME THING.

    Bud Light said: "You will accept this crap!"
    And we said "Uh, Hard No!"

    Fox Said: "You can't handle the Truth! And we have another election to win. And you are too STUPID to see that this is the same DEPLATFORMING that happened to Milo and other Trump supporters before the 2020 Election.
    We will ensure you only hear 1 side. The Uniparty Side. And those REALLY SMART Conspiracy Theorists... You are NOT POWERFUL ENOUGH TO STOP US!"

    And we said: "Fox is losing this one!"

    And we MISSED the point. Their shareholders CANNOT AFFORD for us to be a United Front.

    They will GLADLY Pay Tucker his salary, to be silenced going into the election... Because he was EDUCATING too many people. The "Forced Win" was at risk.

    $20 mln/yr. That's Chump Change for the Presidency.

    @Dobrien probably sees this. @mhubb and a few others, maybe.

    But I am afraid it's like 1 in 10 Million, unfortunately.

    We are having our VOICES silenced.
    That's all.
    Same Playbook. Different Targets.

    I bet you they are LAUGHING... "These idiots will think they are winning until Kamala's 2nd term! And by then, the country will be in 100% WEF control"
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  • Posted by dave42 5 months ago
    The statement that Vanguard and BlackRock own Fox and Dominion is at best misleading.

    Both Vanguard and BlackRock are very large investment management companies, they create mutual funds and exchange traded funds which may own shares of either Fox or Dominion, or possibly both depending on the focus of the particular fund.

    Perhaps a better statement would be that Vanguard's and BlackRock's customers in aggregate own (a majority of? a significant fraction of) Fox and Dominion.

    When Fox or Dominion lists their shareholders, they include something like "Vanguard Omnibus Account", which is essentially a bucket for all the shares that all of (say) Vanguard's mutual funds own, rather than listing the individual mutual funds. Perhaps this is the source of the 'BlackRock/Vanguard own Fox/Dominion' statement.

    If you own shares of a company directly (probably in a brokerage account), you get a letter each year asking you to vote your shares on a few matters like electing new members of the company's board of directors and potentially some matters of corporate policy. The sneaky bit is that if you own a mutual fund that owns a company, the mutual fund's managers vote the shares.
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  • Posted by 73SHARK 5 months ago
    I don't understand the one of Tucker that's positioned between the Don Lemon meme and the tombstone meme. I couldn't read the text which might be part of the problem.
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    • Posted by $ 5 months ago
      The one where Tucker has the casket on his shoulders?...yea, there was more to that but I used it as a lead up to the tombstone meme.
      Forgot what the Uganda thing was all about.
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  • Posted by $ katrinam41 5 months ago
    I left Fox a long time ago. Never drank Bud, not a beer drinker. Tucker has my vote. Those last two additions cracked me up. I only wish that more people in this country could appreciate them! Thanks for another great bunch!
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