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April 4, 2023

By Summer’s End

Democrats enriched a lot of people today!

By the end of this Summer, the majority of the People will be actively turning to engage in the War with the CCP. The majority will be aware that the CCP launched the attack in secrecy. The majority will be buying ammunition, weapons, and foods.

May, as forecast, will be Bloody! Bloody! Bloody! The financial slaughter will make you puke when you realize that ALL the money is gone, and you are left sitting at that desk as the populace turns in Shock, Horror, and the beginning of Anger to point at YOU. Remember, YOU don’t really understand the money system you use to create these social engineering changes. What are YOU going to say?


Without the money, what will they see? Trans will be revealed to be an attack on the soul of the nation by the CCP using Lin Biaos Army of Hairy Crabs...and YOU fell for it! You fell for ALL their weaponized MBP, trans, and ‘climate crisis’. Then you were so infected, you pushed it out on the populace, and spending their money to do it! We, the People, will learn. We, the People, will see who has been sleeping with our enemy!

Aether Pirates of the Matterium!
Lin Biao’s Curse of Trans!
Lin Biao’s Curse of Trans! He built the Weapon! In 1965 Mao Tse Tung was losing power and influence in China. To counter this, he plotted with his chief aide, Lin Biao. The issue was Mao’s waning influence, along with his age. This was the ‘new China’, in the process of exerting its influence in the world , and the Youth of China, did not want to hear fro…
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By the end of this Summer, ALL of the ill people making up Antifa (tranifa) will be in disarray! Their funding will be gone! No MORE EBT CARDS! NO MORE GOV’T SUBSIDIES IN ANY FORM! There will be no more cover being made by the political structure for them. True, there won’t be police out there to arrest them, BUT, also there won’t be police out there to protect them from the Populace. Will they be hunted down for past crimes by their victims? Who is that releasing all their names and locations? Will it be MI (military intelligence) who know that the CCP is paying for the tranifa attacks?

I labeled this period the peak of The Big Ugly for specific reasons. You will be witness, and, perhaps, understand.

By the end of this Summer, the Federal Reserve Note (FRN) will be dead. Along with it, All of State Government dies. No paychecks without the float from the Federal government. No purchasing power left in the FRN, so why work when the money doesn’t spend? People will walk away from it and not look back, just as in 1923, and again in 1933 as the depression rose with the bonds dying.


Every person who holds silver and gold was enriched by the Democrats today when they arrested Trump. Silver went up over a dollar today, over 4%. Our forecast is for a week, in which dollar a day moves up are overtaken first by 2 dollar rises, and by the end of that week, silver will rise more than 5 dollars in a single day. Within 16 days of that 5 dollar day, silver will be Unobtainium!

Silver is the Derivatives Killer!

When Silver disappears from sale, when it becomes Unobtainium, you will be living in Venezuelashington! It will take real metals to buy ANYTHING! And just as in Venezuela, an ounce of silver will support you for a month!

Got Silver?!? Been paying attention to these warnings?

Who knew the Democrats were at War with the Federal Reserve. The Fed had worked hard for most of this last year to try to engineer capital flight to USA as EU implodes, and the Dems undid all that effort with a single arrest.

Did you buy silver today? If so, you were with Millions of Patriots who saw Trump arrested, and are turning to this primary weapon of protesting with their money. It was day One of the Trump Effect. It will continue. It will be brutal on the Federal Reserve Bank. Watch Yellen’s face over these next, few, very short weeks.

By the end of this Summer, the banks, the derivatives, and the bonds, as well as the markets will be dead, closed, but not buried as there will be no money to pay for clean up.

By the end of this Summer, China’s economy, and banking system, will have collapsed. THAT will get your attention, as ALL the container boats turn around, heading back under orders of the CCP. NO MORE CHEAP SHIT FROM CHINA!

What do you know how to make?

By the end of this Summer, your world will be solidly changed. All of the normies, YOUR constituents, will be clamoring for you to HELP them, some way, some how….what will you do? Remember, there will be NO security as you will have NO money to pay for them unless you are willing to spend out some of your SILVER!

Legislator, be advised, The Storm is now visible. Prepare yourself as best you are able. Pray, if you do, and gird yourself for May!

Any Q~uestions?

Get out of FRNs while you can. Tens of Millions of Patriots are buying Bitcoin, Silver, Gold, Lead, Arms, Foods. Anything other than FRNs.

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  • Posted by freedomforall 2 months ago
    Good to know.
    At an ounce a month, my silver could outlast me.
    (Hopefully not because I run out of ammo, food, water, medicine first.)
    What kind of life will that be?
    Free of DC. Free of banksters. Free of Wall St.
    Trading with real people value for value.
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