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  • Posted by Ben_C 1 year, 1 month ago
    I surely miss Rod Serling and the Twilight Zone. Iconic show. And yes, a Glock Nine will stop any rapist - especially if a projectile is placed in a very specific area.
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  • Posted by $ allosaur 1 year, 1 month ago
    The meme with the pawn shop people made me dino say to myself, "I think; therefore, I am a terrorist.
    Our senile Evildoer-In-Chief can form the such weird expressions such as "The Rictus Grin" when his nose ain't buried in a child's or a woman's hair.
    Mel Gibson really showed his ass when cops stopped him for driving druuk years back. So who's perfect? Anyone who would rescue trafficked children is one of the good guys.
    Speaking of more of children, those who board the libtarded fairy wagon to support the lunatic supposed happy wonders of sex change child mutilation are taking a plunge straight into the Lake Of Fire with that Biblical millstone wrapped
    around their necks.
    We do all need to be a shield from the Rainbow Demon of mentally abusing the innocence of little kids.
    Back in the early Seventies The Rainbow Demon was a cool song before "rainbow" became associated with "gay," a word that took on a queer definition during the Sixties. Yeah, just like "queer" did even earlier.
    During the Sixties I recall reading a sad newspaper editorial about that ruination of "gay," a word used so many times in famous poetry.
    During that same decade, think the last time me now an old dino heard "gay" used to mean "happy" was the opening song for The Flintstones "having a gay good time."
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  • Posted by $ Thoritsu 1 year, 1 month ago
    "Liberalism" is a stolen, and misused word. I am a classic liberal, so was Jefferson.

    Socialism is resentment disguised as compassion, enforced by tyranny disguised as tolerance.

    I'm making another bumper sticker
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    • Posted by CaptainKirk 1 year, 1 month ago
      Unfortunately, the entire reason we have word salad descriptions is that ONE side keeps changing the acceptable way to describe them...

      And turn everything we use into "Dog Whistle".

      I literally had someone tell me that the Rights desire for "Family Values" harkens back to racism!?!

      I asked him. In your family, where do you want your daughters getting their values from? The Fed Govt, The State Govt, County Govt? The school?, the Church?, or YOU?

      That's family values. We don't say "Our Family's Values for YOU...", you should want to control your family's values, and those should come first.

      The fact that you FELL FOR their marketing trick is part of the problem.

      He was speechless. The onion started peeling back.
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      • Posted by $ Thoritsu 1 year, 1 month ago
        That is a good argument. Separately, as aligned as I am with most of family values et al, there should be an objective reason for most of them. This is where the totalitarian-left, fallacious sound bites take hold, short cutting the absence of real logic.
        No one really believes they should be denied self-defense, but they will talk about it all over.
        Why not be respectful of adults and older people? There is a very good chance they have been through much of what you haven’t.
        It goes on and on.

        I actually think the left sits around specifically thinking about disrupting the status quo, regardless of what it is. They have embodied the behaviors of the “Moral Majority” of the past in only slightly different arguments.
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  • Posted by mccannon01 1 year, 1 month ago
    These are so good this week I will not pick a specific one as the best. I like many flavors of ice cream, too, and when asked which is my favorite I can honestly answer "almost all of them."
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