The Treachery of Mr. Thompson: Thorium’s tenacious enemy

Posted by overmanwarrior 9 years ago to Movies
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For me, there were several moments in the new film Atlas Shrugged Part III: Who is John Galt which was particularly powerful. But the most powerful attribute of the film based on the 1957 novel by the same name was the actual electric motor invented by John Galt which runs nearly self-sustaining and provides all the power needed in Galt’s Gulch. In the film when the police come to arrest Galt and take him to see Mr. Thompson they attempt to break into the room where the magic motor is kept only to discover that there is nothing there. This was a neat concept as the motor seemed to be hidden from the world through a dimensional fold in space-time continuity which further substantiates the quality of the John Galt figure as an expert in physics. In the film it was science fiction, but little do many know that such science is actually quite factual.

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