Trump Goes Full RINO On Election Reform

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"Trump reverses course on elections, saying Republicans 'must change our thinking' on early and mail-in voting"

Another article at TET (Note: You need to enter your email address to read this one):

I realize there are a lot of big Trump supporters here, and after experiencing withering and often raging hostility at sites elsewhere for uttering the faintest criticism of Trump, I almost don't want to bring the subject up. Almost.

This site is of course founded on the auspices of Rand's philosophy, and Rand's philosophy rests on recognition of the objective facts of reality, on identification, on reason and on judgement. As Rand herself often said philosophy does not dictate election choices, but it most definitely evaluates politicians and the ideas - or lack of them - they espouse.

In the eight years since Trump's bellyflop into the middle of the 2015 Republican Presidential Primary campaign I've become both exasperated and alarmed at the degree to which Republicans have been willing to evade the responsibility to evaluate - continuously - any and every politician running for major elected office, particularly politicians running for the Presidency, and especially candidate Trump. There has been this disturbing yahoo-bandwagon mentality of "If you don't like Trump you're a Democrat, so just go to hell"; a heel-clicking personality-cult not only unbecoming of the Party of Individualism and (hopefully) of Reason, but dangerous - particularly at a time when we have no room for error and even less time to waste.

So here we've got Trump caving on the issue which, next to national defense itself, is easily the single most important issue facing us today: The urgent need to treat the collectivist Democrats' attack on American pluralism as an all-out war, and to win it, decisively.

To recap: If we lost the right to free, fair and valid elections in America, it would officially be Game Over. Absolutely no other issue matters, because absolutely no other issue would thereafter be open to the representative vote of the American people within Congress. If we allow the right to vote to disappear, we will literally be marking time until we're under a full-blown dictatorship. And if the United States of America becomes a full-blown dictatorship, so ultimately will the rest of the world.

That is what's at stake here.

So after all of his big talk about the (actual) evils of cheat-by-mail and of "election day" expanded to "election... several months," now Trump wants us to "change our thinking" on these very same mechanisms by which election fraud is facilitated; by which the far Left have been attacking our right to vote.

As I've said here before - and elsewhere - the Republican Party deserves and must find a better standard-bearer than Trump, and a better candidate for the Presidency in 2024. It is utterly bewildering to me what the draw of this guy is, except maybe the outer appearance of "aggressive go-getter?" Which outer appearance certainly exists. Beyond that outer big talk and bluster and bombast, we have a whole lot of nothing to point to.

- A man who in 2020 blithely acquiesced to the single greatest governmental assault on human rights in American history, and then fostered and nurtured its solidification and expansion throughout America and the rest of the world - while even quasi-socialist Sweden had the backbone to refuse;
- A man who allowed the vast, bloated, slobbering pig of government spending to plow ahead unimpeded, to its current level of 31.6 Trillion (with a "T") dollars, and counting: ;
- A man who in 2020 could not manage to beat what was arguably the weakest Democrat opponent since Walter Mondale - so..."Yeah, let's run that guy again?";
- A man who, even if he were to win in 2024, would be Constitutionally limited to a single four-year term, placing the Republicans back at Square One in 2028.
- A man who himself chose an unelectable "moderate" cipher Michael Pence as his running mate, obliterating any chance at clear succession even in the event of winning in 2020 (which he could not do anyway.)

But this latest catastrophic cave-in on principle is the absolute capper. I am still waiting for someone to present to me a persuasive argument for Donald Trump as the Republican standardbearer as of 2023 and beyond, other than "Maybe he has the best chance of winning."

Given his 2016-2020 record and now this, of what value would be "winning the Presidency" when that's the net result? "He'd be better than a Democrat?" Not a high bar to clear, that.

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  • Posted by mccannon01 9 months ago
    IMHO, it looks like Trump, in this context, fell a hairs breadth short of saying Republicans need to set up a cheat system like the Neo Communists (Democrats) have done, which of course he can't do. I don't think he's saying he likes the opportunities for voter fraud on behalf of the GOP, but since the commies have already weaponized the election system in their favor - and an obviously powerful weapon it is - then perhaps the GOP machine needs to look into beating the commies at their own game in some way short of cheating. It's looking like the mail in crap is here to stay so the GOP better figure out how to use it and prevent the commies from abusing it.

    Trump is not perfect, but I still think he would be good in 2024. I believe he has learned a lot from his first term - mainly be careful who you take advice from to not get screwed. If elected I expect him to clean house, which he says he will do, and open the door for someone to follow him. I would very much like a Trump/DeSantis ticket. Trump can kick butt for four years and DeSantis carries the flag for 8 more. The left is scared to death of him and still will do ANYTHING to stop him from gaining any traction towards winning in 2024. The left is so obsessed with Trump's destruction their media will even play up other Republicans to make them look good against Trump. Those Republicans think if they play along to get rid of Trump the leftist crocodile will eat them last. Wrong. As soon as Trump is gone it will eat them first. Their only recourse is to close ranks with Trump and shoot that croc in the head.
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    • Posted by $ allosaur 9 months ago
      Me dino would very much like a Trump/DeSantis ticket and it appears that a Don/Ron movement that still shows up in my email has not given up.
      In the past I've stated in The Gulch that we need 4 years of Trump with DeSantis as vice-president and then 8 years of DeSantis to clean up the big fine mess our senile Puppet-In-Chief's Marxist handlers have got us into.
      I may be wrong, but at this point I don't think there will ever be a Don/Ron team.
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      • Posted by mccannon01 9 months ago
        "I may be wrong, but at this point I don't think there will ever be a Don/Ron team." Unfortunately I have to agree, but I still think it would be the best way to go. The commie press is doing everything it can to drive a wedge between Don and Ron and it's convincing even Don and Ron. A shame, really, but not too late to pull out of that spin.
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    • Posted by $ 8 months, 3 weeks ago
      Mccannon, first off thanks for making a coherent post, which is a refreshing change from the kind of frothing juvenility we typically see from the personality-cultists who've unfortunately become the vast majority of Trump's online supporters. 'Not something I expected to see polluting GGO, but I'm not getting anything in the way of response from a site Admin so I'm thinking the site is basically adrift anyway, and yeah, we've got T-cultists trying - with some success - to transform GGO into a Trump-cheerleader echo-chamber. (I've clicked the "Ignore" button for Beavis, incidentally - he of the "I don't realize Trump picked Pence" and "Is that you Hillary" and "Trump FIGHTS" repeated over and over on multiple threads. 'Not sure if that "Ignore" works the same as a Facebook "block" but I no longer see his drivel. Anyhow...)

      I realize right off the bat that I'm basically spitting into the wind on this because the same steamroller that selected Trump as our "nominee" in 2016 (Fiorina said "The primary process is rigged" and I believe her) is going to install him as our 2024 "nominee" as well, so it's pretty much a done deal anyway.

      To be clear, yes, I consider Trump to be an adequate "placeholder" (at best) on the same caliber as GWB, and yes, the fact that he'd still be orders of magnitude better than the best Democrat-Socialist is a no-brainer. However, comma...

      The problems I have with Trump are first and foremost that he has absolutely no grasp of core Republican / Founding principle, like not-the-faintest-clue-oblivious - and a solid grasp of core principle is something that is absolutely essential in a Republican Presidential candidate. I won't even talk about "cohesive philosophy" because that's even more alien to him. The best he has in terms of principle is a vaguely-sketched and capriciously-applied sense of "Making America Great Again" (a slogan he copped from Reagan, but a good one,) one which he ditches whenever the mood suits him, such as in his flip-flop on election reform. On more concrete levels there is the obvious grab-bag:

      - He is limited from the outset by the 22nd Amendment to a single four-year term even if he's able to win. At a time when we as Republicans need the maximum possible length and continuity in office, running a candidate limited to a single-term is arguable idiocy;
      - Along with defaulting on a thorough top-to-bottom housecleaning on election fraud, there is a bewildering number of absolutely crisis-level issues that he left utterly untouched if not ignored (assuming he wasn't completely ignorant of their very existence.) We're all still getting 1095-C tax forms in the mail yearly (rendered toothless and therefore safely ignored - for now) which is concrete evidence that he left the entire structure of Obamacare intact, for easy reactivation by the Democrat-Socialists whenever they think they have enough power; To date he has not even uttered aloud the words "Agenda" and "Twenty" and "One" together, or even "Agenda" and "Twenty" and "Thirty" - which means the single greatest threat to America and to human rights aside from Xi's threat of war and the Trilateral Commission's assertion that "2023 is the first year of the New World Order," remains utterly unaddressed. When it should've been exposed and obliterated at least two decades ago (GWB ignored it too, possibly because he and his clan are on board with it); He allowed government spending, which was already a vast, slobbering, freedom-crushing pig during GWB's term, to continue expanding unhindered, and here we are closing in on a national debt of $32 Trillion-with-a-T and no end in sight; Trump, not the Democrats, engineered and solidified the massive, unconscionable attack on human rights that was the Wuhan Hypochondemic and all of its associated coercions from lockdowns to forced vaccinations in violation of the first clause of the Nuremberg Code - and all of the economic, political and personal wreckage that's transpired in its wake. That's Trump's legacy, not the Democrats'. Reagan would've maybe allowed the fabled "Three weeks to flatten the curve" on medical facility preparedness and then have obliterated all government restrictions on the American people by April 2020; Trump apparently was totally oblivious to the fact that anything untoward was even being taught in American schools until something like September of 2020, when he initiated his pathetically-lame "Patriotic Education" thing or whatever he called it.
      - His entire personality and recent history in politics renders him as one of the most polarizing figures in American politics today, if not in the last century of its history, at a time when a unifying (though uncompromising) voice is desperately needed. You could argue that given the psychotic mania gripping the American Left right now that any Republican is inescapably polarizing, but only Trump has that vainglorious pomposity-study that are his personality and his mouth.

      And the list goes on and on.

      Assuming he gets shoved in front of us with a "Here's who we're giving you as your 'nominee,'" the only thing that could make his ticket palatable is if he chose an absolute slam-dunk running mate.
      - Yes, DeSantis would be excellent. Given the instant handicap that would be having to do another primary and select a new nominee for 2028 - instead of a far easier re-election campaign for a seated President who's eligible for two full terms - having the best possible VP is non-negotiably essential. We can't have him pick another cipher like Pence - or Quayle, or GHWB for that matter. We need the best possible candidate for 2028. Period. And that's: Trump's running mate.
      - So would Kristy Noem be excellent (though I'm thinking she's more valuable as SD's Governor right now.)
      - Former Congressman Lt. Col. Allen West is someone I consider to be the closest we have to "another Reagan," and the fact that he's black... If Allen West became President in 2028 it would precipitate a sea-change in the black vote to the GOP that would essentially leave the Democrat-Socialist Party in a TKO that would last for at least a century.
      - Ted Cruz is a Constitutional scholar who would similarly effect a sea change of the Hispanic vote to the GOP - as well as get some true activism done on behalf of core Americanism.
      - It's a longshot because of her age (she turns 35 in spring of 2024,) but if he picked Candace Owens it would be a dream come true. This is the lady who has featured, prominently, interviews with Objectivist scholar Alex Epstein on the moral argument for fossil fuels and industrial civilization, to name one indicator of where her grasp of principle is at.

      But ideally - and admittedly a longshot on the order of miraculous - we would get a new Presidential candidate for 2024, any of the above being prime prospects.
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      • Posted by mccannon01 8 months, 3 weeks ago
        Ok, I finally got more time.

        Thanks and I enjoyed your post as well. We are on the same page in many ways, but even where we differ it seems we see the same traits but interpret their meanings differently.

        For example, I think you recognize Trump as not being versed in the details of America's founding and documents and, therefore, does not have the ideological base required to be a Republican president. I see the same Trump as he sometimes gets stymied by a press that could easily be parried if he had more detailed ideological knowledge. However, let's not get fooled as he doesn't quote documented chapters and verse because his knowledge comes more from living the American experience rather than reading about it. Empirical rather than academic, if you will. He knows what it is and his approach is pragmatic in keeping or regaining the America he wants to make great again. Way more often than not, that America is the same one I want and falls nicely within the ideological description it was meant to be - even if he can't recite the verbiage that makes it so (if he could he would truly be unbeatable).

        His handling of C-19 is his legacy, I agree. Ultimately he has to own his part in it. However, like most of the rest of us, he knows little or nothing about virology and had to rely on "experts" the same as us. Unfortunately, the chief "expert" for him was Fauci who, unbeknownst at the time was corrupt up to his eyeballs, along with a cadre of other I-hate-Trump players as well as a corrupt pharmaceutical industry that made promises, took the money, and didn't deliver. Of all the politicians out there at the time I can only think of two that may have truly understood what was going on: Rand Paul and Ben Carson, but they were not in as strategic a place to advise POTUS as Fauci. I was glad to be in the Gulch at the time as it was a source of information (NOT misinformation) the MSMM wouldn’t cover or down right censored (thanks to Dobrien and Abaco and a few others) - I never got the jab. With the best of intentions and a sense of urgency Trump kicked the ball, but the game took on a life of its own and went bad. Very bad under the Neo Communists and the MSMM, not to mention the Orwellian role of big tech.

        He is leading as the Republican nominee in the polls (currently) by double digits and that is what will gain him the nomination. He's not being shoved, he's being selected by Republicans. It is what it is, but 2024 is a political lifetime away and all that can change. Yes, he's polarizing because he puts "it" on the table. IMHO, America is at a crossroads between total collectivization under one party rule and holding on to what's left of its freedoms. That is polarizing. The whole country is being polarized right now and not just by Trump. If Trump will push the nation towards freedom, then I will go along.

        This is a forum set up to popularize the AS movie trilogy and encourage civil conversation around that topic and, as the “Ask The Gulch” invitation puts forth, whatever else is on your mind. As such this is also a political forum so I don’t consider pro Trump posters as “pollution”. They are free Americans voicing their opinions and concerns at least while such free speech is still allowed in America. Currently, I support Trump and am not afraid to say so on this forum. Don’t be quick to disparage posters who put out one liners or short posts on a forum. Not everybody is as articulate as others but still want to make a point. If you find a post rather curt ask for clarification rather than steam over it. You may get a surprising answer.

        “Trump fights!”. I don’t know what comes to your mind or why you dislike the phrase, but I’ve seen it used a lot. Being a student of history it reminds me of when Lincoln was contemplating bringing Ulysses S. Grant out of the West and place him in charge of the Eastern theater. Most of his advisors and staff had a strong dislike for the idea because Grant was not a Washington style politician, was not a smooth talker, and had “personality issues”. Essentially the deep state at the time hated him. Lincolns response was, “he fights!” and the rest is history. Trump is a Grant (good general, no politician) in many respects, IMHO, and here and now is where he needs to be. Without getting too much more verbose I see Xiden worse than McClellan (less general and more politician), and DeSantis as Robert E. Lee (Good general with political saavy - but can’t win - yet). A Grant/Lee team would be unbeatable, with Lee taking the helm after the war is over and Grant has to step down.

        The IRS boondoggle is under the auspices of the legislative branch, which was under the control of the Neo Communists - who love the IRS. They’re not going to let up on the IRS boot unless forced. IMHO, income tax is communist and property tax is fascist. Let’s see if a push for change comes up now that Republicans hold the House (I’m not holding my breath on this one no matter who sits in the WH - there seems to always be a RINO in the wings to screw things up at the last second).

        Great list you put up: DeSantis, Noam, West, Cruz, Owens (always on point), and I would add Rand Paul and Jim Jordan and perhaps a few others. None are a Messiah, but all are darn good.

        I, too, can say more but I figure this is enough.

        Don’t get rattled by short posts and stay in the Gulch, DriveTrain, you put up good posts.
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        • Posted by Lucky 8 months, 3 weeks ago
          mcc.... a good essay.

          A theme worth repeating,
          it is a Trump 'failing', but a better word is 'characteristic' that he has not spent his career in politics learning the things to say that sound knowledgeable and responsible but are just part of the word salad that most expect.

          Looking back, Trump's speeches are not bad at all, some are very good, but it is the actions that showed character.
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          • Posted by mccannon01 8 months, 3 weeks ago
            I've enjoyed Trump's speeches as well. He gets into trouble at times sparring with the adversarial press, which I believe he would do better if he were more savvy and had a more detailed knowledge base in the arena the MSMM tries to drag him into.
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