Another AS Kickstarter Campaign?

Posted by Hiraghm 9 years, 7 months ago to Movies
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khalling said something that made me think (not the first time...)

She said that people would not have a vehicle like the AS movies for a long time.

My immediate reaction was, "What? Nobody will make a tv mini-series? Nobody will do a "reboot" set of movies? "

I've already suggested, in the past, that an Atlas Shrugged - related tv show might be popular. Have it take place in the world of Atlas Shrugged, but focus on other people impacted by the events. Some of them producers, others looters and moochers. It can be very open-ended, perfect for a tv series. The story of AS could be use as background, so like a character might read in the paper about Rearden being tried, or another might encounter Dagny as they ride the train to some destination.

Another option is an animated movie or tv series. This has definite production advantages.

Then I was reminded of (wait for it...) Lindsey Stirling. She was on my mind as I just a few hours ago completed a design competition she's sponsoring

She tried getting someone to publish her music, and no one would. It was too different. So she started posting videos on Youtube. I won't go into her phenomenal success, beyond saying that by taking the Youtube route, she found her phenomenal success.

So, someone could possibly start a Kickstarter campaign to fund the making of a *Youtube* (or Newgrounds, for that matter) live-action or animated version of Atlas Shrugged, released as a series. Once going, they might could find further funding through Patreon.

One of my interests for years has been 3D graphics. I already have an agenda of work I want to do (mostly creating models for video games, but that's another story), but I might be interested in a collaborative work. And more to the point, I'm sure there are artists, writers, cinematographers, and others out there who would be interested in participating in such a project.

The completion of the trilogy doesn't have to be the end. Just the end of the beginning.

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    Okay, I posted a comment with several links to examples of realistic animated movies, and it's not here. So I can only conclude that I posted it in the wrong thread somewhere.

    Sorry about that.
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