Calling for some Common Sense Evangelism Post-AS-Films . . .

Posted by $ pixelate 6 years, 7 months ago to Education
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Greetings fellow Gulchers, Libertarians, Objectivists (and students of) . . .

I have been thinking - while reading these posts / articles in The Gulch -- we are essentially preaching to the choir here -- in this forum, we find a safe place to share our respect / differences / observations regarding Rand, Objectivism, current events, etc... However, I think that we can act and write in ways that can be beneficial in bringing Rand's message to millions of people, just as her writing / lectures have done.

Consider the posts on IMDB (regarding the AS films), as well as any of your mainstream media (liberal / progressive) sites: HuffPo, DailyKos, Democracy Now!, FB: The Coffee Party Movement, Amazon [in the context of Rand's books], YouTube commentaries on Rand, etc. Many of the posts denigrate Rand (ad hominem), distort the Objectivist philosophy (fraud) and express outright hatred toward individualism. I propose the following: that we, as individuals, "find a home" so-to-speak, on these sundry media outlets -- and debate, correct and otherwise inform those people that are spreading misinformation regarding Rand / Objectivism. I do not believe that we will convince many of the vitriolic and childish posters to change their thoughts or see things from a different perspective. However, for every individual that posts, there are many more that simply read the exchanges and form their own opinions. There are now over a hundred active members here in The Gulch. If we were to voluntarily (obviously) "sign up" to moderate / respond to the negativity and ignorance posted on these sites, I think we could further affect an awakening among the general population. I want to keep The Gulch alive and flourishing long after the release of the AS films.

Does this idea have merit? Is there some means -- here in The Gulch -- for us to create a Sub-Forum where we can maintain a "sign up list" that would match individual Gulchers to specific sites for moderation? We could share our thoughts and observations on what works and how to improve our outreach. As for me, I will be commenting on YouTube critiques of Rand / Objectivism / AS. I also will chime on on the Facebook - Coffee Party Movement page and the IMDB commentaries.

Thanks for your attention and consideration.
Patrick D. Grengs II / West Richland, WA

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  • Posted by $ jbrenner 6 years, 7 months ago
    We are preaching to the choir here. That is OK. The general public has had enough opportunity to be exposed to AR's books and movies. If they choose to not follow her wisdom, then we should do the AR equivalent of what Jesus told his disciples to do. We should shake the dust from our feet as a testimony against that city and go preach somewhere else. It is not the evangelist's duty to make someone believe. The evangelist has to sow seeds and/or water, but no more.
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