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    Posted by $ AJAshinoff 1 month ago
    People are holding their breath waiting for things to either bottom out in this country (violence, hunger, destitution). waiting for someone in a position to do something substantial to do anything, or waiting for the foreign powers who've destabilize the country with the help and complicity of our government and media to put boots on the ground and assume ownership (and subjugate us)..

    Anyone "with" anything of value is holding their cards close to the vest and pointing both barrels away from him/herself and family in anticipation of anarchy. You can only pile shit so high before it can't support its own weight.
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    • Posted by bobsprinkle 1 month ago
      assume ownership (and subjugate us). That i.s kinda how I feel at the moment. There isn't a damn thing I feel that I can really do. Just watch and wait. The government has control of the legal system. The House kinda controls the money right now. But the legal system belongs to the left. Also, I think Buttagag and several govt officials should should be forced at gunpoint to drink the water from that Ohio town while being broadcast on tv.
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    • Posted by tutor-turtle 1 month ago
      If you are not hearing much chatter, let's do a little basic math:
      > A 22 story tall spy ballon with a three school bus payload is lunched from China, "sneaks" through trillions of $ of defense equipment until reporter from Montana see's it with his naked eyes! Three weeks pass before the retard squatting at 1600 PA Ave,. says nothing to see here folks, maybe it is little green men? Maybe it was Harry Potter's flying car? Maybe my masters in China haven't told me what to say yet.
      > Massive ecological disaster (curiously identical to movie "White Noise" released one year earlier) TraderJoe doesn't lift a finger to help them.
      > Money, missiles, tanks, ammunition continue to pour into a Nazi-run country where bioweapons labs, money laundering, drug, weapons and child sex-slave trafficking abound... and this is this clowns top priority. (After climate change, of course)
      > The FDIC has all but promised our banking system will collapse, on a Friday afternoon, after the close of the business day, where-upon all our deposits will be seized in a so-called "buy-in", but we can't tell the little people because "they have no need to know".
      > Our temporary and transitory inflation is triple what these ayeholes are telling us it is.
      > When the Banking Cabal can't sell their lies about our unsustainable debt anymore they will seize all our assets and issue digital debt Ponzi scheme based on China's social credit system, where you know full well people in Galt's Gulch be at the very bottom of that structure...
      Theres' really only one thing left to say and it's been said a long before I was born: "Don't fire until you see the whites of their eyes" - Colonel William Prescott, June 17th, 1775
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      • Posted by 1 month ago
        You know what? We are depressed. This a.m. I turned on the TV and it was '4 dead children, one ran to neighbors taking 1 year old infant along and missed getting killed. Two Houston PD officers wounded when disturbed individual resisted arrest. Murden, mayhem and rape! And the liberal judges will dismiss charges and let the miscreants run the streets again. There are no laws being enforced.
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        • Posted by tutor-turtle 1 month ago
          I'm not depressed. I'm pissed. Too many stupid people in this world. When the purp resisted arrest, they should have capped his arse and saved us all the money and effort for trial and jail. With any luck, some hardass doing hard time will whack him.
          Take a little advice from me. Kill your TV. You'll be a lot happier for it.
          In the mean time, do what James McMurtry advises in his song "Safe Side" "We keep our pistols loaded so we won't get hurt"
          From his most excellent Album: Candy Land
          Listen to the song on U-Tube:
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  • Posted by $ Snezzy 1 month ago
    Some of my impoverished friends have been below the thresholds for needing to file taxes, but worry that "inflation" (depreciation of currency) will push them into the "failure to file" situation, and they will discover their bank accounts to have been emptied. They aren't making comments except perhaps grumbling quietly to me, for fear the gazillion new IRS agents are aimed at THEM!

    Others are seeing all the youthful heart attacks, the accidents and the fires, and trying to piece things together without falling into the paranoia trap.

    Remember when that HUAC nut-case Senator McCarthy saw Communists under our beds? They weren't under our beds. They were in the White House. (I won't mention Harry Dexter White by name, but you probably know some of the names on the list.)

    Anyway nobody wants to say something that puts him on the Wrong Side. Try, for instance, to find out about the Benjamin Carson School in Detroit. Dr. Ben is now a non-person and the school has a different name. Or try following the murder of Seth Rich. Do you dare?
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    • Posted by CaptainKirk 1 month ago
      My favorite was learning that the FBI had Seth Riches Laptop the whole time. But SPECIFICALLY FILED IT without using his name, to avoid FOIA requests about it. AND THAT is a violation of the law. Don't hold your breath on charges being filed.
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  • Posted by $ Dobrien 1 month ago
    Glad you are on the mend Nan.:) Re Quiet: Too much work and not enough feed back. Plus the typical feedback is we are doomed or no one will suffer any consequences. Quiters NEVER win! I am as tired of hearing that as they are tired of waiting for justice. Winning happens very slowly and then all at once. This war we are in should have been fought 100 years ago ,but better late than never. The Great Awakening has happened in the last few years for most here yet the don’t even admit they were asleep. Topics that I would post four years ago or so that got me called a tinfoil hatter are now openly accepted. Who would have thought?
    For example.
    Not one comment or view.
    We are in an information war and this article discusses the beloved FOX News and its roll.
    Excerpt …
    “As we know, the House of Hanover also held the crown of the British Monarchy since the early 18th century. It was never a question that Hanover was Prussia’s proverbial slave. Once Prussia annexed Hanover in 1866, the Prussian elite openly described the Hanoverian nobility as reptiles; which may explain the origin of the idea of monarchical “lizard people”.

    Regardless, Prussia had set the stage for the use of black-ops funds to be funnelled into prestigious news outlets for the purpose of propaganda. To manipulate the minds of the masses into a frenzy and mobilize them against their enemies.

    This tactic was well understood by the Nazis.”
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    • Posted by $ katrinam41 1 month ago
      I have read the posts from everyone, but sometimes all I can do is give a thumbs up. My daily survival has been ...interesting. Things are improving, and so glad to hear you are too, Nancy.
      I am not totally ready to go completely silent, it's mostly hard to shut me up. Keep posting, keep commenting as long as you can, Dobrien. I learn more with each new post, even if I can't always comment.
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  • Posted by CaptainKirk 1 month ago
    Umm, because are government has spent 6 years playing Whack-A-Mole with people who stick out.
    And the last 3 years of Covid NONSENSE where EXCELLENT doctors can no longer practice medicine because of "Complaints" (McCollough, Jordan Peterson, etc. etc. etc)

    And now we are watching TRAINS Derail (something the media has been hiding from us, in an era where we are supposed to believe TRAINS don't spill oil, but PIPELINES do!)

    Frankly. Between that and the LACK of interest to what's REALLY Happening with:
    Food Shortages/Processing Plants
    Eggs/Chickens not laying, potential FEED problems...
    Drug Deaths making Covid look like a FLU season (oh, sorry, Covid did that).
    Sanctuary Cities protecting Murderers...
    The USA being the largest ECO Terrorists in the world in 2022 (And no Terrorist laws used against those involved... STRANGE)

    Americans are being beaten down into submission. I don't expect to hear much.
    The left works best in SECRET... Teaching our K-5 Graders about Sex with clearly pornographic materials.
    But we become "Book Burners".

    Whoopi calls out DeSantis for blocking "Black History" classes (but leaves out the part where the objection was to the Gender Queer required reading, and the abject teachings along those lines, and the DESIRE to segregate again, and to make modern day blacks feel like Victims who deserve recompense... Being TAUGHT in an A/P class...) Because NUANCE... Or some such...

    Yep, those of us with work to do, are working, and PREPPING for the days we know are coming ahead.
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    • Posted by term2 1 month ago
      The left is wanting for a complete reset and return to 100 years ago in lifestyle. Prepping for that is kind of a lost cause if we want to maintain our current standard of living. How far back in time do we want to prep for? 50 years, 70 years, 100 years> For example, give up internal combustion cars, and internal combustion generating plants, and you still have some cars, but they only run when the sun shines and if you dont have to drive far....
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      • Posted by CaptainKirk 1 month ago
        term2, this is the first question of prepping...
        What are you prepping for?
        Get clear. For example, I'm pretty spoiled. Take away electricity, A/C, and cars...
        And that's a bridge too far for me. It also means 97% of the big cities will die quickly.

        The basics for me are:
        1) How long can you obtain potable water?
        2) How long can you go with no Sewage?
        3) How long can you go without electricity?
        4) How long can you go without (buying) food?
        5) What's your overall level to prepare for in time. (A blip, like 1-3 Months. Everyone should have this, or a Civilization ending event? Years and Years)
        6) What level of "uncivilization" are you willing to live in (cannibalism? It probably was here in Jamestown!)

        Those are very different things to prepare for. I know my limits.
        I just lost a dear friend today. He wasn't that much older than myself. He just retired in Jan.
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        • Posted by term2 1 month ago
          This is very important to say the least. Given what happened with a short pandemic shutdown, and how long its taking to mostly recover from that, its hard to figure how far the left will go to get a "reset". If they are successful in getting us into war with Russia and/or China, our civilization will go from a globally dependent status to having to survive on our own here. Thats maybe at least a year to recover at least partway. Our standard of living wont return at least in my lifetime for sure.
          I have to really consider what I will have to do to survive at least in reasonable shape for something like 3 years. And its not going to be in Las Vegas, which will collapse in short order from lack of food and water.
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        • Posted by mccannon01 1 month ago
          All true, Capt.

          Not to make light of a serious situation, but in a skit by a famous comedian gone perv was the line, "How long can you tread water?"
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          • Posted by $ Dobrien 1 month ago
            And also from ReichsWEF Death Squared.

            “ The Drowning Rats Experiment involved placing a rat in a bucket of water and see how long it took for them to drown.

            There were three stages to the experiment:

            Stage 1: Twelve domesticated rats were first used in the experiment. A few died after only a few minutes. However, the rest of the rats were able to survive for days in the bucket before drowning.

            Stage 2: Richter then performed the same experiment using 34 wild Norwegian rats. The expectation was that they would last a lot longer than the domesticated rats because they were considerably stronger and had a fierce will to live. The outcome was completely the opposite. All of the rats drowned within a few minutes.

            Stage 3: Bemused by this outcome, Richter theorized that the wild rats found themselves in a hopeless situation, and therefore simply gave up the battle to survive. Richter’s new experiment would now provide these rats with hope. A new batch of wild rats were captured. They would be placed in the bucket and, just before drowning, they would be rescued and allowed to recover. Once recovered, the rats were placed back in the bucket and the process was repeated several times. Richter believed that the rats had now been given hope, and therefore would fight a lot longer in the water bucket. He was proven correct. The rats now swam for days in the bucket before drowning.

            The basic hypothesis from Richter’s experiments was:

            “the rats quickly learn that the situation is not actually hopeless” and that “after elimination of hopelessness the rats do not die.”

            The “Rat in the Bucket” Psyop

            Thinking back to Richter’s “rat in a bucket” experiment, we observed that wild rats would willingly give up and drown in the bucket in only a few minutes. However, when they were rescued from the bucket several times, they developed the hope that they would be rescued, and struggled to survive for days thereafter.

            Even though the rat’s fate was sealed from the beginning, the mindsets of the wild rats was completely different to those who were rescued (or domesticated). When faced with certain death, the wild rats accepted their fate. The others, however, essentially looked to their Prussian masters to be saved.

            What is important to note here is when the rats were placed in a hopeless situation, many of them believed the situation to be hopeful. Their mindset was completely out of touch with their reality; unable to discern what Richter really had in mind for them.
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            • Posted by mccannon01 1 month ago
              Yes, I read that part. For a moment, in view of current events, one can't help feeling like the rats in the experiment. However, the big difference is the human "rats" can get fed up and invite the Richters of the world as guests of honor to a grand necktie party and refusal to attend is not an option.
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          • Posted by CaptainKirk 1 month ago
            I loved that line. I literally wore out cassettes of him.

            But I wonder how bad he really was. He was wrong drugging people. But seems strange that one of the few "conservative" people who spoke against the lefts approach... And suddenly old charges were taken seriously.

            I will never know what really happened.
            But when I compare that to the Clinton Body count, I have to ask if it's justice, or just having our noses rubbed in it! (think Epstein, Maxwell, etc)
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            • Posted by mccannon01 1 month ago
              I had it on vinyl. Yep, me and my brothers wore it out, too, LOL.

              Cosby was on the right track with many things, but he screwed up. Very sad. As a more conservative the MSMM will never let it go, but pervs like Clinton and Cuomo will get a pass.
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              • Posted by CaptainKirk 1 month ago
                We called it... Deadmans Hill...
                It went straight down for 1/4 mile, and emptied onto an hold HWY. ROTFLMAO.

                We got arrested, and the cops put the cuffs on us, but our wrists were so small, they fell off... Look Mr. Officer, I am not trying to escape... LOL

                The Chicken Heart. Thump Thump...

                Wow, all of those memories just came flashing back.
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  • Posted by JakeOrilley 1 month ago
    The reason - at least in my case - would be somewhat like AJA described, along with the over riding feeling that everything that is entered is going to be used, somehow, against you. I agree with Dobrien that what he used to say that was attributed to "the tin foil hat brigade" we knew was more accurate than was being shown in the news. And with that, was concerned to even sign into this site - have done some work for the feds in the past....
    But thank you for posting this!! As AJA says - keep your powder dry, and pointing out!! (paraphrasing you AJA - hope you don't mind)
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  • Posted by $ Abaco 1 month ago
    Interesting. In my case I'm getting less and less active online. This is the only place I'll share some of the more controversial stuff.

    I still think it might be worth organizing an in-person gathering of Gulchers somewhere. Maybe in Ouray. Maybe in a spot here in NV. It'd be great to put faces to the names and get to chat in person...
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  • Posted by GaryL 1 month ago
    Silence is a virtue when what you have to say is sure to fall on deaf ears. It is also a virtue when what you have to say is falling on evil ears and being wrongly interpreted. Who really knows what evil is lurking here?
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  • Posted by term2 1 month ago
    I live in Vegas. Last week there was a news article about the major pipeline carrying gasoline from southern california to vegas developed a "leak" and was shut down. Not an explosion, not terrorism, just a "leak".

    Almost immediately there was panic in the streets of vegas, with huge lines at gas stations where people were trying to stock up on gasoline and diesel.

    What was obvious is that the population is on edge, expecting some sort of collapse of the society, where everyone wants to try to be insulated from the collapse and be first in line.

    I think there has been a generalized fear of collapse wherein people in general expect the society is about to collapse from some unknown cause.

    There was 2008 economic collapse and extreme money printing, COVID shut down the economy and caused supply chain shocks for the last several years, and now major inflation causing prices on many items to rise like 30-40%, and now rising interest rates. Whats next is on peoples' minds.....

    Most people dont really understand whats going on, but they somehow believe that the system itself has some large faults that are about to explode.

    We have a senile president elected by a very suspect election, a congress that is printing money without limit, and an ideology that is hell bent on causing a "great reset". A "prepper" industry that has exploded recently, telling people that they need to prepare for war....

    No wonder people are quietly waiting for the next disaster.
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  • Posted by 1 month ago
    I'm beginning to wonder just who is committing these killings? We are not being told the truth. Are they by any chance some of Biden's bunch coming across our Border?
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  • Posted by $ Markus_Katabri 1 month ago
    I’m just enjoying the show. I’m hearing more and more Leftoids griping about things they voted for. It’s the one reason I didn’t unfriend everyone and cancel my Fakebook account.
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