Hi. My name is..Erwin Rysz

Posted by Erv 1 year, 2 months ago to The Gulch: Introductions
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I'm very happy to have landed in the Gulch...

I am retired - from many jobs - primarily the Postal Service.

Right now I am involved in selling books. I attend book sales and the like, but what really is my biggest pet peave is how many good books are dumped - by people who should know better - these are books dumped from our libraries, universities and our public school system.

My conclusion from this is that if such valuable books are dumped, then it we - the taxpayers - the people who fund the schools and universities - then it is really a question of paying TOO MUCH for such services. An attendant observation is that we pay such taxes not for what's told but for something else.
In the subject of school taxes - we are paying not for services or maintenance or even learning. Our taxes have become a weapon - a weapon designed to waste. If enough is spent(taxed) then this can cause something else to happen - the closure of private schooling.

My own town is a perfect example.

we once had 4-5 private/parochial schools servicing our area (I'm going back to the 60's-80's. Today after pay raises, new school construction, artificial turf, fieldhouses, administration bldgs etc. and the waste I've mentioned - now we have none.

Our taxes are funding this waste.

We have all been asleep while this is happening.

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