Airline shutdown

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NOTAM is an acronym that for at least 60 years (as long as I have been a licensed pilot) has been a system that reported problem in and around the airways. For example if a runway was under repair it was reported in the daily NOTAM messages. Pilots going anywhere were taught to check NOTAMs before flying to see if there were problems along the route or at the destination.

When the current 'woke' idiots in Washington discovered that the acronym stood for "NOTICES TO AIRMEN" they got their feelings hurt - it was bad to give notices to airMEN so they changed the meaning to "Notice to Air Missions". There in lies the problem - computers needed to be updated to reflect the change in meaning of NOTAM.

3 days ago the woke changed things and the FAA proudly posted:

🌐 NOTAM Modernization | Federal Aviation Administration › about › initiatives › notam

3 days ago - We’ve created a single place for pilots, operators, dispatchers, and software developers to find all FAA NOTAMs. This benefits all aviation stakeholders by reducing the number of places pilots need to check for NOTAMs.

Wasn't it 3 days ago that the air traffic system shut down? Are not passengers ‘stakeholders’?

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