“It’s a big club and you ain’t in it” George Carlin

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Let’s summarize those individuals involved up until this point:

Frederick the Great,
Adolf Hitler,
Jean-Jacques Rousseau,
Daniel Malthus and the Graham family,
Thomas Malthus,
Charles and Erasmus Darwin,
Thomas Huxley, and finally,
Julian Huxley.
Far from being a group of madmen, these men have had a profound impact on the direction humanity has taken over the last two and half centuries; politically, economically, militarily, philosophically and spiritually. What is their common idea? Control the human being and regulate global population for the ‘greater good’.

As George Carlin once remarked, “It’s a big club, and you ain't in it!”

There is no doubt this “big club” is even bigger today. While the Prussian rulers are now invisible, operating in the shadows, the ‘big club’ is hidden in plain sight; seen only by those who know how to look.

Their agenda is dutifully pushed out through global think-tanks, whose authority to guide human behavior is deemed unquestionable. This invisible enemy also runs a global espionage network to ensure their maniacal agenda remains on track. Partner corporations control the main stream media, social media and scientific journals, ensuring the merits of their agenda echo around the earth without interruption.

While these global organizations have some familiar names, we are drawing closer to finding some of the less familiar names who drive this global ideology of control and destruction.

As we have presented earlier in this series, it was Julian Huxley who engaged the royal families of Great Britain and the Netherlands to found the World Wildlife Fund (WWF). Prince Bernhard was appointed to create the 1001 Club, while Prince Philip nurtured his son Charles to eventually become King of the climate-eugenics movement.

Today, in conjunction with Klaus Schwab’s ReichsWEF, King Charles and his team are busy orchestrating the greatest depopulation operation ever undertaken in history


From the Washington Post.
Last year, now King Charles at the United Nations climate conference in Glasgow, Scotland, he urged the assembled world leaders to adopt a “warlike footing” to address the rapidly warming planet.
But Charles’s environmental views are complex: He is both a classic environmentalist who loves nature, trees and wild animals, and a traditionalist who has battled against wind energy on his estate, flown around the world in a private jet and once critiqued the growth of population in the developing world.

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  • Posted by freedomforall 1 year, 3 months ago
    Actually, it's a relatively small club compared to the population.
    A lot of leftists feel they are in the club, but they're one false move from being dinner for the crime family members.
    That's why the Deep State is afraid of Trump, want to disarm the American People, and try to make people hate
    each other. They know they are dead meat if the People ever wake up and take back what the Deep State has
    stolen from them.
    But WE, the People have to do something more active than just vote and complain if we are ever to know freedom again.
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    • Posted by 1 year, 3 months ago
      That’s true FFA, Here are some numbers that have been tossed around , there are about 200 families of the core bloodlines around 1300 or so Intermediary families like Bush or Clinton or Pelosi or Gates or Bezos.
      Then thousands of foot soldiers like Stacy Abrams
      , AOC, Ilhan Omar , lesbian Cheney.
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