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Posted by $ Thoritsu 12 months ago to Classifieds
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Anyone here know a clean, reliable way (hardware, aps, setup) to set up a remote AV rack (basement) for a first floor TV room?

We are restoring our home from a small fire last Feb. I was going to have a shelf built in under the TV for a component rack (Receiver in particular); however, it won't fit due to some other wife-specified stuff (damn it). Now I need to either put in an ugly rack, or remote locate the AV stuff. I'm coming up short through DuckDuckGo.

We have a Harmony system, but it is limited.

Anyone have experience here?

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  • Posted by mhubb 12 months ago

    RF (radio frequency) wireless technology has become very popular. Many newer cable TV and satellite boxes have a remote that, in addition to traditional IR, will work using RF. RF does not require line-of-sight, so you don’t have to point the remote directly at the equipment. And it will work through walls, doors, and windows, and over longer distances. Both standardized and proprietary RF systems exist out there. Cable and satellite boxes use proprietary RF controls, while the Apple TV and some video game consoles use industry-standard Bluetooth. But that’s really a red herring. Almost every remote control has its own set of device codes, commands, and sequences. So even if the underlying physical radio is a standard chip, it’s still effectively proprietary.
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