Tactics for the Decline?

Posted by $ Abaco 3 months, 4 weeks ago to Economics
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I had mentioned a while back I read "Enjoy the Decline" by Arron Clarey and really enjoyed it. Parts of it cracked me up but the main thrust is that we're screwed and we might as well find ways to "enjoy the decline". Have you thought about ways to "round the wagons" in what appears to be worsening conditions in the US: open borders with unknowns and fentanyl pouring in by the tons, well over $31T in the hole, mountains of our dollars going overseas to keep Nazis warm this winter in Ukraine, the likes of Federman being elected. You know...the American middle-class workers have, in my opinion, literally been the economic engine for the world and a golden goose of wealth for the government to feast on. With the current conditions I mention above der leaders will have to come back to the well and syphon it all off. This probably won't end well. (Just read about $233,000 per-person reparations in California...LOL!). What are the methods you like for positioning wealth? My dad used to joke, "Just hide it all and say you have a gambling problem." I do know people with safes that they utilize pretty heavily lately. Was thinking today that I'm feeling the urge to go dump some cash on some precious metals. We did just acquire a local rental property. While the Fed keeps jacking rates to try to keep the lid on inflation, while pummeling the economy, this (IMO) helps bolster rental rates while more and more can't afford a mortgage. The rental property also allows for business write-offs.

What are your thoughts on protecting the nest egg in these times?

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  • Posted by Eyecu2 3 months, 3 weeks ago
    I have been saying it for years. Invest in precious metals, specifically Brass and Lead.
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    • Posted by tutor-turtle 3 months, 3 weeks ago
      Anything that has intrinsic value: besides the afore mentioned metals, non-perishable food stuffs, medicines and sundries, alcohol, pre-computer automobiles, land that is farmable, has trees and has access to water.
      Above all, we must End The FED. We can weather any storm, but if your money is not yours, you are nothing more than a prisoner. Fight like your life depends on it. Because it does.
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  • Posted by freedomforall 3 months, 4 weeks ago
    Secede and leave it all behind to be "ignored" by the brainwashed idiots until they are starving. The seceded areas must get prepared to defend against that fate.
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  • Posted by VetteGuy 3 months, 4 weeks ago
    I also read "Enjoy the Decline" and found it thought-provoking as well as humorous. I am taking a somewhat different approach than many, and in addition to preparing for the decline (food, alternates to money, self-protection) I am looking at a "bucket list" of sorts. Things I want to do or see before our society (at least as we know it) "kicks the bucket". Working on plans for several road trips, in my case.
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    • Posted by $ Commander 3 months, 4 weeks ago
      If you make it anywhere near E. Central Wis. you'll have bunks and respite.
      We have intentional community established with full spectrum of human disciplines to support ..... Life
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  • Posted by $ Markus_Katabri 3 months, 3 weeks ago
    All due respect....and I do respect your thoughts Abaco... given the rent moratoriums of the last two years I think rental property is a terrible investment long term. I mean it’s pretty obvious which direction this nation is going politically. We can expect more shenanigans like we’ve seen during the Covidian Era.

    I myself am literally pulling ALL of my 401k next January and investing it in tangible assets. Land, food, equipment to turn said land into food production. Some precious metals including the most intrinsically valuable brass and lead. Even some crypto that will NOT be held in an exchange. Mostly I will be “gearing up” to not have to buy from the system after the balloon goes up. Think long lasting and useful vehicles, tractors, implements etc...
    Home improvements, solar, outdoor wood boiler. Everything is already paid for. Maintaining ZERO debt from this point forth is the goal.

    In short......the Nest Egg is the Nest. Forget the “egg” it’s about to be devalued just like they have twice in the past 100 years. The US doesn’t default on it’s debt like other countries. It just changes the nature of the dollar and skims the fat off during the conversion process.
    Basically I’m getting out of the dollar.
    Leave now and avoid the rush
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    • Posted by $ 3 months, 3 weeks ago
      I totally understand. Rental property is just a substantial component...pretty much taking the place of equities. Today I completely gave up after trying to squeeze some profit from the stock market - which was clearly a waste of time. Sold more than one rental in California (due to the abuse dealt to property owners there).
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  • Posted by CircuitGuy 3 months, 3 weeks ago
    I think there is no decline, and technology will continue to increase productivity, i.e. create means of production that produce more than we dream off. This will happen despite all the numerous bad decisions people make in life. The news stories you mention will be hard to remember in a few years, and there will be a new round of problems that people talk about as if they were the end of human civilization.

    I think you are absolutely right right to buy some local rental property, esp if it's with no loan or at least LTV is <= 50%. Because it's local you understand why people or enterprises want to rent there and can be involved with its management. I also like small positions in various precious metals. I generally agree with the old advice of diversified stocks and bonds, with bonds being a small percentage. Check out tobacco. I think tobacco companies are more reasonably priced partly b/c many large funds can't invest it it for ESG reasons.

    I wish I were involved with a business, maybe in biotech, that I could invest in, but there's nothing like in my world right now. There are angel networks, but that's for money you're willing to gamble away.

    I really think it's so important to turn off non-financial news and *not to react to fast to financial news, when it comes to investing, and instead focus how businesses create value for customers.
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    • Posted by $ Markus_Katabri 3 months, 3 weeks ago
      So, the continuous debt accumulation is just an unfortunate reality of this ever “improving” economic landscape, and should be ignored?
      Having a GDP of 23 Fettermans doesn’t really do you much good when you’re servicing the debt on 24 Fettermans.
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      • Posted by CircuitGuy 2 months, 2 weeks ago
        "So, the continuous debt accumulation is just an unfortunate reality of this ever “improving” economic landscape, and should be ignored?"
        Not ignored in the sense of not calling for fiscal responsibility, but mostly ignored for investing. IF I knew a way to profit from debt accumulation, obviously I would take it. But when it comes to investing, I completely ignore lousy government policy.
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  • Posted by $ Commander 3 months, 4 weeks ago
    This was published on Mercola website. Pretty straightforward.

    Dr. Robert Malone, inventor of the mRNA and DNA vaccine core platform technology (the original platform, not the current mRNA COVID shots), has published a new book, “Lies My Government Told Me: And the Better Future Coming,” in which he analyzes the tyranny we currently face, and how to get out from under it
    The first part of the book reviews the reality of censorship of medical and scientific truth during the COVID pandemic, and the emergence of global totalitarianism
    The second part tries to answer the question, “Who or what is behind it all?” Malone believes it’s a combination of bad actors with nefarious intent, and opportunism

    The last part of the book is focused on how to create a better future. A major part of the answer lies in creating decentralized, local intentional communities, and to create the potential for networking between them on a national and international level, while remaining independent and self-governed
    A good way to avoid groupthink that results in policy fiascos is to establish completely separate problem-solving groups that do not interact with each other. Only after each group has independently come up with their own ideas do they come together to share, analyze and find common ground.

    Malone: Decentralized and intentional communities.

    The answer is best captured in one of the final chapters from a group in Italy … IppocrateOrg. They, like the World Council for Health under Tess Lori have been very committed to a vision of decentralization and intentional communities. They give some great examples of what they've done, which I think are a fantastic opportunity for the world to learn through their experience.

    The physicians in Italy were censored at least as bad as the docs here in the states. Hundreds have lost their license, ability to practice, for the sin of providing early treatment and saving lives.

    They've come together and formed this organization, and they're now starting their own medical school, Ippocrate, and they've done very novel things, like assembled local community groups in cities and towns throughout Italy that are engaging in training. This includes setting up training programs for physicians to despecialize.

    So, doctors that had been hospitalists, that had been focused in very narrow specialties, are learning and have set up mentorship with primary care physicians to learn the tools of the trade to allow them to go back to old-school medicine, to treating patients, which is where so much of the joy comes from.

    All of the things that they've been subjected to, just like many of the docs here in the United States, have led them to conclude that corporate medicine is just not the place they want to be …
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    • Posted by $ 3 months, 1 week ago
      Thanks Commander. Good stuff!
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      • Posted by $ Commander 3 months ago
        You're welcome. I've been looking at other remedies for decilnation.
        There has been a historic theme of Straw Man argument regarding original and corporate US Constitution. In all my research I have found very few leads that seemed legitimate to separate one's self from The Corporation. A birth certificate is a bill of lading of delivery of commodity. A SSN is a membership number of a corporate structure. How do the elites maintain their respective immunity from all the pressures that are applied to the lay? I think the methodology is to join the protections of the international law community. I think the mechanism lies in Unincorporated Private Association. This is new for me, yet falls within the learning I've done since 94. It is a mechanism that declares, internationally, I Am Alive and own myself, within international law and treaties. This comes from The Holy See declaring All Souls Lost At Sea in 1302. We are dead until we claim our lives. This has been foundational for 700 years for international commercial law. As I understand, the mechanism may be instituted simply, by a parent of a child within three days of the child's birth. The child, upon adulthood, has 7 years to claim themselves as their own property.

        This is a very simple expression of that which I am researching. My insight tells me it is better to look into the specific protections the elite have than to try to fight the inertia of the system at large. All of this regards contract law and privilege to commerce. The following link is the most comprehensive explanation I've found of the methodology. Big rabbit hole.

        Happy New Year!
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  • Posted by janblacha 3 months, 3 weeks ago
    First, eliminate all things that absorb your daily money. Things such as cell phones, cable, new cars and things like re-occurring payments (i.e. downloads, Netflix and so on) How do you "circle the wagons"? Make your own wagon.
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  • Posted by LarryHeart 3 months, 3 weeks ago
    There is only one way to stop the tyranny. A convention of the states to repeal and repair the amendments to the constitution. Here is the education needed, amendments and agenda in blog format www.TheSocietyProject.org

    I will soon be asking for comment to refine the draft amendments. Take a look
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  • Posted by $ pixelate 3 months, 3 weeks ago
    Enjoy the Decline is a way of life for me. Age 57, free-roaming libertarian bachelor.
    I have guns, ammo, know how to use and maintain them, psychologically prepared to use them.
    Have some food storage / dry-pack - I now have 24 months worth at 1600 calories / day -- not difficult for one person to do.
    I am financially diversified - most $ is not electronic - land, gold, silver... also irrigation system (40 acres in E. Washington State).
    Speaking of land and irrigation -- corn and hay growing on part of the 40 acres with a business partner (LDS family guy that I have known 10 years).
    The gold and silver in lots of locations, buried by and large, old paint cans - you would need to be a mountaineer to get to a good portion of it.
    Human connections to friends and like-minded folks in Central Wisconsin, E. Washington, Colorado, and now S. Arizona where I live.
    Try to be invisible -- The Gray Man -- I don't have bumper stickers, flags, etc ... just blend in.
    Keep your ear to the ground and eye on the horizon -- be looking for signs / indicators of feces hitting the fan and be a few days ahead of it.
    Get your health in order -- get off prescription meds to the best that you are able -- avoid the sick and weak, avoid doctors and hospitals.
    Get out of debt -- have as few financial dependencies as possible -- live frugally, or at least be able to rapidly reduce your expenses as necessary.

    Well --- that was a lot of the Prep part, in terms of readiness for when feces hits the fan, or rather -- handling the incremental quantity of feces that is being thrown at us ...

    It's important to have a Life List of things yet to Accomplish. I've been taking in 60k miles of road trips a year -- across the US -- running 100 miler ultras, climbing mountains, visiting family and friends, looking at more property to purchase, trekking through National Parks -- hosting friends with trips to the American Southwest. My 2023 calendar already has 12+ 100 miler ultras scheduled along with mountain treks. The active - purposeful calendar is essential for maintaining a sound mind-body in spite of all the nonsense that is taking place in the absurd clown world that is being promoted through the political narrative.
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    • Posted by $ 3 months, 3 weeks ago
      Very cool. Thanks for chiming in. I used to live in Washington. Decided I couldn't come back to the Seattle area...too much rat race. But, from what I've heard, I'd love eastern Washington. In northern Nevada now and I like it very much.
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    • Posted by tutor-turtle 3 months, 3 weeks ago
      Gray man, I am so stealing that. I have noticed the vast majority of cars in New Hampshire (myself included) have absolutely no stickers of any kind. Then there's the subaru-masked driver, in the slow lane, with their climate-change, Buy-Done, abortion, I love fauci and diversity opines. Sometimes the entire back-side literally wall-papered with their opinions. Massachusetts transplants, locally known as Massholes.
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