Myasthenia Gravis Now More Common?

Posted by $ Abaco 7 months, 2 weeks ago to Science
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About seven years ago I diagnosed my dad with MG when a doctor couldn't diagnose his paralysis. "We think it's a stroke but we can't find it." The reason why the doctor didn't figure it out is because they don't get enough training in medical school regarding vaccines. I knew my dad was a vaccine addict and told the doc to check for elevated levels of antibodies in his blood (enough to attack his muscular neurons). At that time it was reported that 1 in 50,000 came down with MG. Now I'm seeing a drug advertised on tv for treatment of MG. Surely, it's gotten much worse. They wouldn't spend so much advertising a drug for a disorder affecting 1:50,000...right?

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  • Posted by JohnRandALL 7 months, 1 week ago
    As a primary care doctor (and previous urgent care doctor) I used to see a lot of really sick kids in the wintertime with RSV. Normal every winter. But never in adults. Now we strangely are hearing commercials about really sick adults with RSV. Why is this? I think I know why. Studies in mice given mRNA vaccines and then infected with a virus got severe respiratory disease. The severe respiratory disease resembled RSV !! So, I suspect they are expecting to see severe respiratory disease in adults this winter, and will call it "RSV in adults". Same with the sudden "severe flu epidemic" out of nowhere, when we had essentially no flu for two years. The vaccinated are going to get really sick, and they will blame it on "flu" and RSV", not the vaccine. We are being played.
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