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I finished listening to about the last 45 minutes of Jim Bohannon's last radio show tonight. He retired tonight and it was his farewell show, saying/receiving final broadcast thanks to/from professional associates and fans. Although I was never a great fan of Bohannon, I still regarded him as generally a force for good and occasionally a source of valuable information.

His show in Butte was nightly, Monday thru Friday, from 8 to 11 pm (mountain time) on KXTL, one of two local AM stations (although KXTL also can be heard on FM along with maybe 15 other radio stations). Probably not as influential as Rush Limbaugh (who also died fairly recently of cancer), he was nonetheless a consequential and positive force for constitutional nationalism, "America First" if you will.

Bohannon gave as a reason for his farewell from radio broadcasting that he is dying from esophageal cancer now spread to his lungs, that doctors tell him he only has a few more months to live.

Politically, Bohannon was critical of Trump, but a Trump voter (both times)--"considering the alternatives" as I'm sure he would hasten to add. Having served in Vietnam, he was generally a US nationalist (or pro-US as a nation) so he was, for one thing, an advocate of increased border security--and an ardent foe of Biden's border "policy" (if there is any actual policy other than trying to usher in as many unvetted third-world people who can have the effect of altering American culture, and changing America into a bankrupt, third-world geographical parcel, no longer a nation with any actual identity). For this stand alone, I praise Jim Bohannon.

For those who want to know more about and better remember Jim Bohannon, I'm sure Wikipedia will present a reasonably objective report on his lengthy professional life (60+ years according to Jim). Although he was not specifically a disk jockey (rather a late-night, talk-show moderator-host), I prefer to remember Bohannon with a pop song, recorded by Charlie Dore in 1979, that somehow seems apropos:


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