Hi. My name is David Goodwin

Posted by designer 1 month ago to The Gulch: Introductions
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I'm very happy to have landed in the Gulch...
I can create most things below ground and above.
I am an expert organic farmer and soil specialist.
I have 40 years of growing experiece. This includes being able to cook and can the food.

I am also a senior 3d electro/mechanical designer
and structural steel detailer. I have designed metal
from .35 microns (the thickness of a human hair) to 18x40 (18" x 40lbs. per foot) for building underground basements to existing mega mansions.

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  • Posted by $ Commander 1 month ago
    Welcome David
    A good set of skills when SHTF.
    I established my newest gardens two years ago, after going "Galt" on my noodleneck customer base of 35 years.
    Canning, freezing and fermenting going on 50+ years.
    Within my consortium we are approximately 100 individuals with 1000 acres of everything except metals and energy production (raw)
    I'm the go to person for: Can you make it like this, just, not broken?
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