Blaze-of-Glory Self-Immolation Preys On Leftist Mentalities

Posted by bubah1mau 2 months, 2 weeks ago to Philosophy
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An August 28th Phoenix shooting incident shows how a young black guy prepared elaborately with all kinds of military hardware, just to go out into a motel parking lot and shoot randomly so he could attract a sizable police reaction, engage police with his weaponry.

Two people were killed, seemingly at random, and a few people were injured, including one police officer who responded to the incident. After shooting up most of his ammunition, the guy just ended his life, apparently with a self-inflicted headshot.

Blaze of glory? Actually just one of the perverse outcomes of a life lived/dominated with altruist ethics.

The same can be said of the leftists who attempted to engage semi-auto rifle-equipped Kyle Rittenhouse with no more than knives and clubs.

Will these “blaze-of-glory” Social Justice Warriors be remembered for their self-immolation? I suppose not. Just their idiocy.

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